More than the sum of my parts: Women with disability from migrant and refugee backgrounds research project

People with disabilities face significant prejudice and discrimination that impacts their ability to realise their rights, reduces access to services, undermines wellbeing and can result in disability related violence.

This project will work with women with disability as co-researchers to conduct in-depth interviews with other women with disability from a immigrant and/or refugee background to explore how different identities, being a woman, having a disability, and being from a migrant background, intersect to influence sexual and reproductive health and rights.

To participate you need to be a woman with disability over the age of 18 with an immigrant and/or refugee background. You would be interviewed by a peer researcher and a woman with disability for approximately an hour and a half.  To thank you for your time you will be offered a $40 Coles- Myer voucher.

For more information, contact the researcers:

Cathy Vaughan
T: (03) 9035 6670

Sarah Khaw
T: (03) 8344 4010

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Centre for Health Equity at the University of Melbourne, Women with Disabilities Victoria, and the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health

Date published:
Mon 23rd Oct, 2017

Closing date:
Wed 20th Dec, 2017