Keeping Pain in Check research project

Can a Checklist Help Identify Pain in People with Intellectual Disability and Limited Communication?

Too often, people with intellectual disability are not able to express their feelings of pain verbally and their communication is misinterpreted by support workers who unwittingly overlook pain as an issue. The aim of this research is to determine if the checklist can help support workers identify pain.

The Scope Research Team is looking for direct support workers to participate in the research by completing a 20-minute online course about pain in adults with intellectual disability.  After completing the module, support workers will be asked to complete a brief survey and a checklist about pain. 

For more information about the research, please contact Tessa Zirnsak:

Ethics Application ID: 1955921.2

Scope Victoria

Date published:
Thu 23rd Jul, 2020

Closing date:
Thu 20th Aug, 2020