It’s not ok, it’s Violence: Information about domestic violence and women with disabilities

This thorough guide is in four parts and is for any provider of a service for women with disabilities. Firstly it explains exactly what domestic violence is and that a woman with disabilities has the same rights as anyone else in this situation. Secondly, it looks in detail at how domestic violence affects women with disabilities and who the perpetrators of this violence may be. Thirdly it looks at how you can prepare your service to best help your clients and finally it includes a comprehensive services directory.

This guide is one of four that make up a resource manual that is available from Women with Disabilities Australia. To view an outline of each of these four guides and details of where to order your copy of the Manual please see the download below.

ISBN: 09775305 1 5

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Carolyn Frohmader


Date published:
Mon 25th Jun, 2018