Government and ABC Deliver Accessible Television for Australia’s Blind

Blind Citizens Australia congratulated the Federal Government on their public announcement of a 13 week trial of audio description on ABC1 commencing mid 2012, with 14 hours of audio described content to be aired each week.

Audio description is a way to describe the visual elements seen on screen in a clear and private manner. It gives a person who is blind or vision impaired a true sense of what is happening on-screen with a description of scenery, costumes, facial expression and body language which is spoken between natural pauses in dialogue.

“This is a major step forward for people who are blind or vision impaired”, said Mrs Cheryl Pascual, President of Blind Citizens Australia, the peak national consumer body of and for people who are blind or vision impaired.

“People who are blind or vision impaired have waited a long time to be included and have been frustrated that audio description on commercial television has been beyond our reach.

It means school kids who are blind will no longer feel left out when all everyone is talking about is what was on TV last night. It also means that people who have lost their sight later in life can continue to share the experience of watching a movie on TV with family and friends”, said Mrs Pascual.

“People think that this is simply about television but it’s more than that. It’s about our right to enjoy all parts of life just like everyone else”.



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Robyn Gaile

Blind Citizens Australia Media Release

Date published:
Wed 22nd Feb, 2012