Disability and Aged Care: Royal Commission consultation

This consultation was held at the Queen Victoria women’s Centre on  3 May 2019.  the session was facilitated by Lauren Henley, Policy Officer, and Amanda Kunkler, Community Engagement & Advocacy Officer, both from the Council of the Aging (COTA).


From January this year, all people with disability aged 65 and over who do not meet the age eligibility requirements for the NDIS will have to access the support they need through the aged care system. We need to make sure this arrangement works for people with disability now and into the future, and the Royal Commission into Aged Care is our one chance to try and make it happen!

The consultation provided background information about:

  • What the Royal Commission into Aged Care is and what it hopes to achieve
  • Why it is important for the Royal Commission to hear what you have to say and how you can share your story

The discussions highlighted what is and isn’t working and provided some suggestions for change  that would ensure the aged care system would better meet the needs of people with disability into the future.

“Lack of knowledge about the NDIS…when people have a choice between aged care and NDIS (if under 65 years) then who provides the support info for people in this space?”

“Education is needed for people about their rights and about choice and control….because there is a lack of choice and control in aged care.”


Aged Care Royal Commission resources by COTA (off-site)

Date published:
Fri 3rd May, 2019