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Cardinia Shire Public Toilet Consultation

The Shire of Cardinia, through their Buildings & Facilities Department, have performed an exhaustive assessment of all of the council owned and managed amenities throughout the Shire of Cardinia.

This was done to give a base line assessment of the condition of and services that are provided by council to the community, visitors and tourism.

Whilst still in its early stages, they understand the need to provide specialist equipment for the disabled or severely disabled for toilet and change room facilities.

They hope to provide “Changing Places” design facilities at key points around the Shire of Cardinia, which may include either focus points within higher population areas, tourism areas including parks and gardens, and may include also key points that may be en-route to any of these destinations.

To this effect they are asking for answers to the following questions from disabled people or carers who may frequent the Shire of Cardinia:

  1. Do any key areas or locations come to mind?
  2. In respect of transportation and outings for disabled people, are there any key tourism areas, parks or gardens, or any other destinations within Cardinia frequented on a regular basis?
  3. What are your thoughts as to provision of services of this nature and where would you like to see these facilities made available?

To add, as part of their assessments they will be considering;

  • Frequency of use
  • Adequate Car Parking
  • Consideration of movement with wheelchairs
  • Consideration of space for Carers

If able, and you do consider participating on this project, they would very much appreciate any other comments in relation to the subject.

Please direct all answers to:

Ian Clarke

Accessibility, Access, Inclusion

Cardinia Shire Council

Date published:
Thu 10th Jan, 2019

Closing date:
Thu 28th Feb, 2019