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Campaigning for Audio Description on Australian Television

Help to bring television to life for more than 450,000 Australians who are blind or vision impaired.

As a member organisation that represents people who are blind or vision impaired, Blind Citizens Australia is proud to launch a stand-alone campaign to encourage the general public to contact their local Federal MP about Audio Description on Free-To-Air TV.

The TV4All website (link below) contains further information about audio description and a postcode search for your Federal MP. This function brings up contact details and links to a pre populated email which is sent to the user’s MP directly from their own default email address (with the option to add their additional thoughts or make changes). The email explains the need for audio description, the fact we are the only OECD country NOT to have it, reiterates that it is relatively inexpensive (as we are already audio describing many of the programs that we export) and asks them what they intend to do about it.

There is also a link to an ABC Radio Adelaide episode explaining the issues with with Nastasia Campanella, Sally Aurisch, audio description advocate and Emma Bennison, CEO Blind Citizens Australia.

Read more... (off-site)TV4All website - More info and contact your local MP (off-site)Listen to ABC Radio episode (off-site)
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Date published:
Mon 21st Jan, 2019

Closing date:
Tue 24th Dec, 2019