Calling LGBTIQA+ people with disability for focus groups

Jax Jackie Brown is running some focus groups for a Drummond Street Services project to develop some resources about respectful relationships for LGBTIQA+ people with disability.

This project will not focus on experiences of violence but instead will be looking at what can enable us, as LGBTIQ people with disability. Your lived experience as an LGBTIQA+ person with disability is essential  for  shaping and guiding the development of the resources about respectful relationships.

The focus groups will be held at Drummond Street Services in Carlton during business hours.  Your time will be compensated with a $40 gift card or stipend to the same value. Any access costs will be covered to enable your participation.

To register your interest, contact Jax:
T: 966 367 33 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Drummond Street Services

Date published:
Thu 9th May, 2019

Closing date:
Mon 2nd Sep, 2019