Ask the Minister questions about NDIS independent assessments

Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert has announced HUGE changes to NDIS assessments. These The Minister says he plans to introduce “Independent Assessments” to the NDIS – not just for people wanting to apply for the scheme, but also for people with disability who are already NDIS participants. changes are worrying. Email the NDIS Minister and let him know you want answers to 6 questions:

  1. Will the assessments paid for by the NDIS be the only thing that determines eligibility for the NDIS? What if people have other assessments and evidence? How will they be used?
  2. Will the assessments paid for the NDIS be the only thing to determine your plan and your funding? How will your individual circumstances be captured? What will happen if you have more than one disability?
  3. What consultation did you do with people with disability and their families before deciding to introduce this?
  4. Why won’t you release the results of the pilot?
  5. Why is this being rushed through? Why have you ignored the recommendations of the Tune Review? Why won’t you pause this process and consult properly with people with disability and their families?
  6. How can our community be assured this is not simply a cost cutting exercise to reduce access to the scheme? And reduce support for existing NDIS participants? What guarantee will you give that people will not be worse off?


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Date published:
Thu 10th Sep, 2020

Closing date:
Fri 9th Oct, 2020