Ambassador Program for Royal Commission

PWDA is running a new Ambassador program. This program is seeking 100 Ambassadors across Australia to distribute PWDA Disability Support for the Royal Commission information packs to various locations – urban, regional and remote – to help raise awareness about the Royal Commission and the support available. These information packs will contain brochures and posters encouraging children, young people and adults with disability to share their story, as well as copies of our Advocates’ Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to support formal and informal advocates and supporters who might be assisting someone to tell their story to the Royal Commission.

To express your interest in becoming an Ambassador, please send your name, postal address and suggestions about where you might be able to distribute information packs to:
Jess Cadwallader
Advocacy Project Manager, Violence Prevention
T: 1800 422 015



People with Disabilities Australia (PWDA)

Date published:
Fri 5th Sep, 2014

Closing date:
Fri 5th Dec, 2014