Alternative Entry Scheme / Pathway for Aspiring Medical Students with Disabilities

Jerusha Mather is an enduring voice of equality for disabled students seeking access into courses where they are grossly underrepresented.

There are few doctors with disabilities in Australia. A study completed by a Australian medical school demonstrated that less than 2 percent of students identified themselves as having a disability in their yearly cohort. Disability is poorly represented in the medical profession. And this is not okay.

Students with a disability are disadvantaged in several ways by the current admission requirements for entry into medical school. The GAMSAT and UMAT tests (run by ACER) and selections interviews which are current pre-requirements acts as a significant barrier.

Help Jerusha by signing her petition. Stand up for justice and equality and make a mark today by saying yes to increasing access and inclusion.

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Jerusha Mather

Date published:
Wed 26th Dec, 2018