Adult Change Rooms in Shopping Centres and Govt Buildings

Sign this petition for adult changing rooms in shopping centres and government buildings.

There are people with disability who use continence products, and are unable to sit on a toilet. Providing a “disabled access” toilet just doesn’t cut it for some people. I have a right to use toilet facilities just like “normal” people, when I’m shopping, attending a show at Riverside Theatres, at the movies, and so on.

Westpoint Blacktown shopping centre has an adult change room where I can be transferred onto an adjustable change table using a ceiling hoist. This is the best thing ever! I can go to Westpoint, knowing my carer can attend to my personal care, then I continue with my shopping like everyone else in the community.

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Accessibility, Access, Inclusion

Kate Mortimer


Date published:
Tue 4th Dec, 2018