Access costs – ‘Imagined Touch’ UK tour

Award -winning production, Imagined Touch invites audiences to experience Deafblind culture and tactile communication by being guided through an immersive installation. It’s going to the SPILL Festival of Performance in London.

This is one of the only professional arts projects in the world created with Deafblind artists. Heather and Michelle deserve to be at their own opening just like any other artist should. Unfortunately, we find many avenues for access support stop at the border. Imagine not being able to go to your own creation simply because youneed access support.

Whilst the costs of the installation are covered by our presentation and touring partners, there are limited funds to cover the access costs associated with these artists travelling internationally – something many of us take for granted.

Let’s make Heather and Michelle’s dreams come true! To drink champagne at their international premiere, to meet their UK audiences and other Deafblind people, to run workshops, to sit on panels and talk about their extraordinary capacity to teach us about trust, connection and moving through the world using touch.

Your financial support will directly cover costs including:

  • fees for an access coordinator,
  • four tactile sign interpreters,
  • four communication guides ( in and out of business hours)
  • plus, interpreters accommodation, international flights, ground transport and living allowance.

For one week in the UK, these costs are estimated at a total of $50,000 Australian dollars.  Fund raising efforts to date have brought $AU20,000. Your help is needed to bridge the shortfall.

Go to campaign website and watch campaign video (off-site)
Australian Cultural Fund

Date published:
Wed 8th Aug, 2018

Closing date:
Sun 30th Sep, 2018