Mental health and supported decision-making resources

Supported decision-making, whereby people experiencing severe mental health problems are supported in relation to decision-making, is a cornerstone of recovery-oriented and rights-based approaches to mental health care. These two online resources are aimed at improving supported decision-making practices for people with experience of severe mental health problems, and to assist family members and other supporters’ participation in supported decision-making.

The Mental Health and Supported Decision-Making project, conducted by researchers from RMIT University, the University of Melbourne and Monash University, documented the experiences and preferences of people experiencing severe mental health problems, family members and other informal supporters, and mental health practitioners about supported decision-making, treatment and recovery in Australia.




Mental Health and Supported Decision-Making: Lived Experience Perspectives (off-site)Mental Health and Supported Decision-Making: Carers’ Experiences (off-site)
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Date published:
Mon 9th Oct, 2017