Children’s access to disability funding depending on where they live dubbed ‘developmental apartheid’

Children with developmental delays such as autism have become the victims of postcode discrimination, with some in poorer suburbs waiting hundreds of days for the crucial diagnosis often needed to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). An ABC investigation has exposed how a child’s access to early intervention therapies under the multi-billion-dollar scheme can depend on where they live, in what some are describing as “developmental apartheid”.

Why Non-Disabled People Need to Reshape Our Lens on Disabilities

Fast forward to my life now and raising my autistic son. I’m ashamed to admit how little I associated privilege and inequality with disabilities until I actually had to start advocating for my son. My ignorance is incomprehensible to me now. How did I not see it before?

Aussie children’s concerns ignored

Despite being one of the first signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, advocates say 30 years on, Australia is ignoring some of the biggest issues affecting children.

Exclusive: 500 children forfeited to state in NDIS standoff

For the past five years, the National Disability Insurance Agency has squabbled with state governments over who pays to support children with a profound disability. In that time, hundreds of families have been pushed to the brink. The care they were promised never came.

Parental satisfaction with mainstream education for children with ASD

Closing date: September 6, 2019

Swinburne University wants to hear from parent of children with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream primary schools about how satisfied they are with their child’s education. You can have your say in this 30 minute online survey. All data provided is confidential, anonymous and not traceable. The results will be used to better inform educators, parents and policymakers. 

Vic Politicians Responses From Questions at VCOSS AGM

At the VCOSS AGM, Women with Disabilities Victoria CEO Leah van Poppel asked Jenny Mikakos MP, David Southwick and Samantha Ratnam: If their parties will support the blueprint to end family violence set down by the Family Violence Royal Commission Whether they will support disability advocacy and the State Disability Plan. Here is what they said.

DAD – a film about Autism and Fatherhood

A documentary following the often unheard stories of fathers with children on the spectrum, DAD shares the experiences of twelve Aussie dads as they navigate the world of parenting and autism.

We’ve Got This: Parenting with a Disability

We’ve Got This: Parenting with a Disability is a new ABC radio series produced by Eliza Hull. Eliza has a neurological condition ‘Charcot Marie Tooth’, and she’s the ABC’s 2018 Regional Storyteller Scholarship recipient.

Securing their future – 2018 edition

This resource is for parents, relatives and significant others caring for Victorians with a decision-making disability. The publication sets out in simple terms, how those caring for Victorians with a decision-making disability can protect and safeguard their futures.