Bureaucratic NDIS ‘letting disabled down’

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is bogged down in bureaucracy and consistencies, and is “the same old system”, according to a warning letter to its managers. Samantha Jenkinson, a campaigner for the NDIS through the group Every Australian Counts, spent months collecting examples from hundreds of Australians who had been let down by the scheme. … Continued

NDIS Ready

The NDIS Readiness Bulletin is published as part of the NDIS Sector Readiness Project, which is managed by National Disability Services (NDS), with funding support from the Victorian Government.

No Cuts, No Delays to the NDIS Petition

Closing date: June 9, 2014

For generations, politicians have promised Australians with disability a better deal. For generations, politicians have let them down. Now, for the first time ever, people with disability are getting the better deal they always deserved. When it is fully operational in 2019-20, more than 460,000 Australians with severe or profound disability will be receiving the … Continued

NDIA Open for Business in Geelong

NDIA interim headquarters opened in Geelong Over 100 jobs created by end 2014, 450 by 2016, providing a $34 million boost for Geelong and Barwon region economy $25 million from the Victorian Government to establish the national NDIA office in Geelong Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Victorian Premier Denis Napthine today opened the new National … Continued

NDIS Becoming a Cruel Irony

Australians for Disability and Diversity Employment (ADDE) INC, a national disability lobby group, today makes a desperate plea to all State, Territory and Federal Governments to stop inflicting further pain and insecurity upon Australia’s disabled citizens. Spokesperson, Martin Stewart, said “Over the last month the Federal Government in particular, has conducted a cruel and insensitive … Continued

NDIS Delay Unacceptable

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) opposes any delay to the full rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We hold grave concerns about the Government’s commitment to the scheme after a delay was recommended in today’s Commission of Audit report. President of People with Disability Australia, Craig Wallace said, “The scheme is already being … Continued

Don’t Cut or Delay NDIS, Says Macklin

No cuts or delays should be made in the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as disabled Australians have waited long enough, the federal opposition says. Opposition families spokeswoman Jenny Macklin said Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been told by the majority of states and territories that there must be no delay with … Continued

NDIS Delay ‘Only Way to Save Costs’

Disabled  Australians face years of delays in getting taxpayer-funded care after the National Disability Insurance Agency admitted its tight delivery deadline could blow out costs or compromise quality. The Commission of Audit wants to postpone the $22 billion national disability insurance scheme by up to three years to avoid “significant financial risks’’. Bruce Bonyhady, who … Continued

Disability Scheme Supports Everyone

“Every Australian counts” is the catchcry that has united the disability sector, galvanised the nation to support an increase in the Medicare levy and won multi-partisan political support for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. For the first 30 years of my life, I mistakenly thought “every Australian counts” was a statement of fact. But from … Continued

Ashburton Woman Lives in Hhell While Waiting on Disability Support Register

Disabled woman Ghislaine Carlauce has been on the disability support register waiting list to get extra care. At the end of a small cul-de-sac in Ashburton lives a miserable woman who, for six days a week, does not eat, shower or leave the house. Ghislaine Carlauce is legally blind and has cerebral palsy, a movement … Continued

NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version of Frequently Asked questions about the NDIS is now available for download. Examples of some of the questions include: What is the role of the planner? What tool(s) will the agency use to help them develop a plan? Can a provider be involved in the planning meeting? Will there be an appeals … Continued

NDIS Ready Bulletin March Edition

This is published as part of the NDIS Sector Readiness Project, which is managed by National Disability Services (NDS), with funding support from the Victorian Government. In this edition: Capability review Updates to the NDIS website Profiling the registered provider marketplace NDS forums and workshops Care Connect – Case Study To become an NDS member … Continued

NDIS Delay is Not OK

Findings from a recent review of NDIA capabilities have led to speculation that the NDIS rollout could be delayed beyond 2019. Dr George Taleporos says although the review is useful in alerting us to current challenges, it should not be used to justify a longer timeline for implementation. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) recently … Continued

National Disability Insurance Agency Capability Review

Chris Kenny asks Senator Hon Mitch Fifield about the NDIA capability report: Now as I say, it’s very much a Labor scheme, Julia Gillard’s legacy item. Of course before the election, the Liberal Party supported it in a bipartisan way to make sure that it had both parties supporting it at the election. Now this report says … Continued

NDIS Timetable Under Review

The timetable for delivering national disability insurance is under review after a damning assessment of the decision to launch the scheme a year early. The Federal Disabilities Minister commissioned an assessment of the agency running the program late last year. It says Labor’s decision to fast-track the scheme has meant the focus has been on … Continued