Report reveals abuse cases within NDIS

The independent body set up to ensure the quality of the National Disability Insurance Scheme revealed it had received almost four complaints a day in its first year of operations – a total of 1422 complaints over the year.

Martin Hoffman appointed to lead NDIA, government to hire 800 new public servants

Martin Hoffman has been appointed chief executive of the National Disability Insurance Agency for a three-year term starting on November 4. Hoffman, who was a department head in the New South Wales public service until April this year, will take over the challenging job fresh from a short-term role guiding a program of reform in the Department of Human Services signified by its rebranding as Services Australia.

Exclusive: 500 children forfeited to state in NDIS standoff

For the past five years, the National Disability Insurance Agency has squabbled with state governments over who pays to support children with a profound disability. In that time, hundreds of families have been pushed to the brink. The care they were promised never came.

A guide for GPs to support their patients accessing the NDIS

This guide outlines the process for completing an Access Request form. It also includes information regarding how GPs can access further resources through the National Disability Insurance Agency which can assist them in supporting their patients in the application process.

Disability advocates demand NDIS changes

Advocates fear the National Disability Insurance Scheme risks entrenching disadvantage, with rich people able to access better levels of care. A parliamentary inquiry into the scheme has heard bureaucratic language, long waiting times and a general lack of knowledge of disabilities by government staff were creating serious problems.

‘Thank God someone listened’: NDIS to cover related health issues

From today people with health issues that result from their disabilities will be able to access support for them through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, after a long-running “arm wrestle” over payments between the NDIS and the health system. Advocates say the change will save lives.

A plea to the NDIS: please catch me, I’m falling

I had a fall last night. I wish for a time when I could have called it just falling over. But that time is long gone. Having falls is for the disabled, the decrepit and the elderly. I’m astounded when I wake each morning, totter to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair, and remember I belong to the first category.

People with a psychosocial disability

This report is part of a series of publicly shared reports that include specialist data in addition to the comprehensive quarterly and other reports regularly released. The data provides invaluable insight for the community and wider mental health sector to identify where it can best support participants, demonstrate evidence of the benefits of the NDIS, and chart the outcomes of NDIS participants.