NDIS – what’s next?

The newly returned Morrison Government has, rightly, named the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), as one of their key priorities for this term, naming Stuart Robert as the Minister for the NDIS.

A myriad of issues with the current NDIS rollout requires urgent attention to ensure that the scheme will deliver on its promise for people with disability across Australia

Can support coordinators assist people with appeals?

Choice and control. Sounds easy, huh? In Real Life, bloody challenging. The NDIA has a tricky job to implement choice and control for Participants, and at the same time heroically challenge the systemic barriers of inclusion that mean real choice and control does not yet exist for many people with disability. What’s an Agency to do?

Senator’s claim on NDIS agency is true

AAP FactCheck Investigation: Is there no evidence behind the staffing cap for the National Disability Insurance Agency? The Statement: “There’s no evidence behind the [NDIA] 3000 person staffing cap. They just said ‘oh that sounds like a good number.”  Greens senator and disability rights advocate Jordon Steele-John. May 28, 2019. The Verdict: True – The checkable claim is … Continued

Here’s what needs to happen to get the NDIS back on track

In one of his first official public remarks since being re-elected, Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged that addressing failures in the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) would be a priority for the new government.

Stuart Robert has assumed the role of minister for the NDIS and will be charged with delivering on this important agenda.

So what does the new minister need to do to get the NDIS back on track?

People with disabilities in Australia are struggling to find appropriate housing

While the creation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has helped improve the care available for people with disabilities in Australia, experts say only a small percentage of recipients are eligible for accommodation under the scheme.

That’s left families and carers considering a range of solutions and not all of them are good.

Minister for the NDIS included in Morrison’s new-look cabinet

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed the first ever dedicated minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, as part of a major cabinet reshuffle in wake of the federal election. Liberal MP Stuart Robert will enter cabinet as the minister for the NDIS after the scheme was taken out of the social services portfolio.

Cops accuse five of fleecing disabled of $1.1m

Federal police say they will hunt down offenders involved in ­“despicable” scams on people with disabilities, after busting an ­alleged organised crime syndicate suspected of defrauding the ­National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS Quarterly Data

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania Limited (ECIA VIC/TAS) would like to ensure that people are aware that the NDIA releases comprehensive data analysis on a quarterly basis. Because of the value of this data, they have created a new section on the website for the benefit of members that will speedlink to each quarterly update.

Patients Pay The Price For Scott Morrison’s Botched NDIS

Victorians with a disability are stuck in hospital for more than three months after they are ready to be discharged due to Scott Morrison’s botched rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

New analysis has revealed the extent of the delays being confronted by hospital patients who are either waiting for an approved NDIS plan, or who can’t access the services they need which would enable them to return home.

A horrible chain of events means this disabled woman can’t go home

Garry Saville is now fighting for accountability and for the future of his disabled daughter, after an NDIS failure called “one of the worst” by a disability advocate. A simple renovation on his Elmhurst home for his wife Marilyn has turned into a nightmare.

Ask a policy expert: why can’t I access my disability support plans easily?

We found that despite consultation with disability advocates and people with disability when the NDIS was being designed, it is not wholly delivering on its promise of “choice and control” for people with disability. Choice and control is far from the universal experience of the NDIS’s implementation and evaluation.

How can the NDIS be more effective?

But disability advocates have concerns that those who may not fall into the first area of individual packages may not be getting enough support in mainstream services. There are also concerns that people with higher and quite complex support needs may not get support, as providers can now pick and choose who to service and state providers have dropped disability as a responsibility.