Narina Carter’s rare disease causes her disability, but NDIS says no to funding

Narina Carter suffers from a rare genetic condition which causes her body to create faulty collagen.The condition — Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, or Ehrler’s-Danlos Syndrome — makes even the simplest of tasks, like doing the dishes, a challenge. Yet when she applied for help from the National Disability Insurance Scheme she was rejected.

Disability Reform Council; Council of Australian Governments

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Disability Reform Council (the Council) held its first formal meeting for 2019 on 28th June at the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Council resolved a number of long-standing issues, including the interaction of the NDIS with the health system and how the NDIS will support families with children who are … Continued

Victoria secures NDIS funding certainty

Victoria has settled a bitter feud with the Commonwealth over National Disability Insurance Scheme funding after signing a long-term agreement with the federal government.

Why an AAT ruling could shake-up NDIS funding

National Disability Insurance Scheme participants could soon get funding for a broader range of health-related supports following a major Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision

NDIS Should Fund Health Supports, Says Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has just released a mind-blowing judgement that could fundamentally alter the types of supports funded by the NDIS. It poses a question that has to be giving the NDIA massive anxiety attacks right about now: have we all got the reasonable and necessary criteria completely wrong?

We are up to the task on NDIS, says Morrison

The Prime Minister held a round-table meeting in Sydney yesterday with senior National Disability Insurance Agency ­executives and conceded the ­effective delivery of the scheme was an “enormously big task”.

What next for the NDIS?

Laura Tingle’s segment on the 7:30 Report looking at the NDIS, it’s challenges and what will happen next. Video and typed transcript available.

Social enterprise – a missing piece in the NDIS?

Social enterprises have a transformative influence on the lives of individuals, families and communities across Australia. A social enterprise is a business that has a social mission which it pursues using mainstream business models. As well as their social impact, they contribute 2-3% of Australian GDP. Rather than small businesses on the fringes of the economy, or social movements, social enterprise, in fact, represent a major part of our efforts to address social problems in economically sustainable ways.