Independent assessment panel announced

The panel of eight experienced organisations has Australia-wide coverage to ensure that new and existing participants, irrespective of their circumstances or where they live, will have access to the free assessments to receive supports through the NDIS. The Agency has completed a formal and thorough open tender process to find the right organisations to deliver independent assessments, selected for their capability, experience and expertise.

NDIS needs reform but flawed assessment model requires more work

Michael* hasn’t showered or changed his clothes in three weeks, but when the National Disability Insurance Scheme independent assessor asked him how much difficulty he had washing his body, getting dressed and eating, he replied: “None.“

Behaviour support practitioners suitability assessments

In December 2020, the NDIS Commission (the Commission) released some much welcome details on the national implementation of behaviour practitioner suitability assessments, which have helped paint a picture of how Behaviour Support Practitioners will be assessed.These new details follow the Positive Behaviour Support Capability (PBS) Framework released in July 2019 and the Self-assessment Resource Guide for the Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework (October 2020).

Disability scheme to end ‘welfare rationing mindset’

“The big change we want to take the organisation is really going back to this concept of what is a personal budget, and what it actually means because it’s really quite a radical concept … a genuine belief that the person themselves or their family knows best what’s best for them,” said National Disability Insurance Agency chief executive Martin Hoffman.

Let’s Focus on Access: The NDIA Planning Discussion Paper

I am concerned that the Access and Eligibility Policy with Independent Assessments paper will garner considerably less feedback than its planning counterpart, primarily because the people it is most likely to impact – future NDIS participants. The people who have previously applied to the NDIS and are in the best position to give feedback have other shit to worry about right now: the complete overhaul of planning as we know it. 

The NDIS and what independent assessments could mean for participants

There are some big changes coming this year for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. A legislative update is due later in the year, including a service guarantee aimed at providing better service to participants, and the arrival of what is called independent assessments. But not all the changes are being welcomed by those living with a disability.

NDIS funds for sexual expression can ‘improve quality of life’

“By undermining the importance of this issue and choosing to discuss it in a way which seemed intended to spark public outrage, Minister Robert is showing a concerning lack of empathy and understanding of the realities of life for many people with disability,” Mr Lawler said.

5 Questions We Wish They Asked: The NDIA Planning Discussion Paper

Late last year, the NDIA released their vision for a complete transformation of the NDIS planning process and asked us all for feedback.At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, if these proposals become policy, they could fundamentally alter the NDIS as we know it. *Cue climactic music* 

Strong stance on sexual expression rights welcome

“This is an issue of human rights. People with a disability have the right to seek sexual expression. It is also vital that they remain in control of making decisions about sexual expression.

Vital support for Australians with disability cancelled during COVID-19 pandemic

Disabled and other vulnerable Australians were among the worst affected when parts of the country shut down to defeat COVID-19. Its estimated around a third of people living with disability weren’t able to access vital support because services were cancelled, leaving them even more isolated and vulnerable. That’s also highlighted just how difficult it can be to access that support in the first place.

test drive or crash test? Independent Assessments

With the eyes of the entire disability community watching closely, the second pilot of Independent Assessments (IAs) is now in full swing. Nicole Rogerson’s son, Jack was amongst the 4,000 participants selected to be part of the pilot.  In this interview, Nic shares her experience with the pilot, offering insights from new angles and exploring the potential mental health impacts of assessments. 

The answers we’ve been waiting for

Many of you will remember that last year’s Senate Estimates were as messy as hell. The most frustrating thing, by far, was the number of really juicy questions that were taken on notice. In the last Estimates hearing, the NDIA took no less than 88 questions on notice. And guess what? The answers are back! While many of the answers are so useless they are pretty much the bureaucratic version of giving someone the finger, there are nuggets of gold among the many pages of boredom. Here’s what we learned…