NDIA’s Geelong headquarters open

THE latest addition to central Geelong’s skyline and economy is officially open, with the headquarters for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) now up and running. The NDIA is the agency responsible for administering the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the headquarters leads by example when it comes to accessibility, including wider access to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters, self-opening and closing doors to cater for staff with varying abilities, integrated braille signage, meeting rooms with hearing loops and kitchens with accessible sinks.

The threat that disability providers often ignore

Before the NDIS came into our lives, my family and I consumed disability supports without having any idea of their monetary value. That all changed with our first Plan. It was not long before I had my first case of ‘sticker shock’- the feeling of dismay that potential buyers like myself can experience when they become aware of the high price of a product or service.

The NDIS is not Medicare

In times of massive change it is an organisation’s culture that holds it together or splits it apart. It is culture, not pricing, that should determine the working environment: whether rosters are fair, whether workplaces are safe, and whether a quality service is being delivered to the customer.

Are we taking care of the carers?

A new survey analysis of the psychological working environment in Australia’s health sector points to a sharp divide between the poorer conditions faced by disability and aged care support workers, and the largely professional healthcare workforce of doctors and nurses.

Wollongong couple devastated after NDIS funds slashed

A Cordeaux Heights couple is devastated after their little girl’s funding package was slashed by 75 per cent under the NDIS. “The NDIS was meant to help people with severe disabilities and their carers. But you spend so much time on paperwork, and then to get a decision like this with no explanation, it’s hard to take.

Newer Australians missing out on NDIS assistance

  Disability service providers are failing to connect with people from non-English speaking backgrounds because many are unsure of the support available or don’t know how to access it.

Australians who are blind say the NDIS is sending them letters

The NDIS has an arrangement with Vision Australia to provide people who have a visual disability with communication in an accessible form such as braille, audio recordings and electronic letters that can be read via text to voice software. But the problem is that not every person who is blind and with the NDIS and the NDIA gets accessible communication as a first option. Some people are still getting letters in the mail that are impossible to read.

Economic Participation for People with Disability grant round

Closing date: March 13, 2019

This grant round seeks innovative proposals that build the capacity of people with disability to participate in work, while also supporting employers to create opportunities for people with disability. The goal of this funding is to build employer demand through things such as localised community awareness, resources and training. It also assists employers to build their capacity to create employment opportunities for people with disability.

How to read tribunal rulings

Reading Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cases is really important but can also be quite intimidating. Some cases can be up to 100 pages long.  So, knowing how to quickly find the information you need to change a participant’s life can make all the difference. This blog outlines some tips for reading AAT rulings.