Don’t Turn Out The Lights …..! My NDIS Journey.

I have just ended almost four years working in the NDIS environment. Most of them were in the Local Area Coordination environment. I was fortunate to spend some time within the actual NDIA too. I can say, with some authority, the NDIS is an enigma. When it is good, it is very good. When it is bad it is dreadful. When it is very bad it is downright tragic and immensely frustrating.

Rethinking ‘thin markets’ in the NDIS: introducing the market capacity framework

Yet we are seeing markets emerge with insufficient providers or capacity to meet demand and ensure competition takes place. This has led to debates about ‘thin markets’ — a term used in various ways by different stakeholders to describe market deficiencies ranging from low numbers of providers to immature markets to market failure.

NDIS receives $105.9 m boost

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Minister Stuart Robert announced the $105.9 million in funding for 105 organisations under the NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program, to build more inclusive communities for Australians with disability, carers and their families.

Board appointments position NDIS for success

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Stuart Robert, today announced the Board of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) from 1 January 2020, with nine reappointments and one new member.

Extortion police probe massive NDIS-related financial fraud

Police are investigating a massive NDIS-related financial fraud that used a forged letter purported to be from former assistant minister and Australian Senator Sarah Henderson to convince Korean investors to part with $395 million.

SDA Innovation Plan

The SDA Innovation Plan outlines the activities the NDIA will undertake over the next 18 months to encourage innovation in SDA. In developing the plan, the NDIA has collaborated with key stakeholders, seeking their contributions and feedback on the intent and activities in the plan, their thoughts on innovation in SDA and participant preferences.

The NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Innovation Plan

Last month the NDIA released two key documents that will guide the future of the Specialist Disability Accommodation (“SDA”) market in Australia. One of these documents was the NDIS Innovation Plan. To assist those that are looking to develop, operate or reside in SDA dwellings, we set out below the key features of the NDIS Innovation Plan that you should be aware of.

NDIS Planning Interim Report

Evidence presented to the committee throughout the inquiry indicates that more time is required to fully consider issues associated with the planning process. Further time is also required to consider the impact of recent government initiatives to improve the NDIS—several of which are in their trial stages. Consequently, the committee has decided to present this interim report, which contains 14 recommendations to improve the operation of the planning process and the NDIS more generally. Many of these are proposed as a means of addressing issues with the planning process in the immediate term, while initiatives to improve the planning process are implemented. The committee has also highlighted other areas that it will consider more closely in the coming months.

Interim report labels NDIS ‘concerning’, calls for ‘urgent action’

The report outlines 14 recommendations, several of which focus on NDIS planning timelines and the participant’s involvement in the drafting process. It also calls for extra training for NDIA staff, to increase their awareness and familiarity with all types of disability. But for many disability advocates and people with disability, the recommendations don’t go far enough.

What happened to the NDIS?

It’s hard to look at a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about some kind of catastrophe with the NDIS. From people missing out, to concerns over budget blowouts, it seems like the scheme is fraught with problems.

NDIS Quarterly report: 2019-20 Q1

The Quarterly Reports provide the COAG Disability Reform Council with information (including statistics) about participants in each jurisdiction and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each jurisdiction. In addition, a range of state-specific information has been compiled about the NDIS performance in this quarter

Changes Announced In The Latest Quarterly Report

In the excitement of the Minister’s announcement a couple of weeks ago, you might have missed the humble release of the latest quarterly report. Well the truth is there is nothing humble about quarterly reports. They are like watching the NDIS show through rose tinted glasses. But, regardless, they always teach us something new about the state of the Scheme.