NDIS recipients are being sued by their service providers

Joshua and Nicole’s case highlights a problem in the NDIS system where recipients of services end up taking on legal liability in the case of a dispute over payment.  Jo Evans, a senior solicitor in the Consumer Law team at Legal Aid NSW, says she’s more and more concerned about the number of cases she’s seeing of NDIS recipients being sued or facing action from debt collectors over unpaid invoices.

New NDIS recovery framework to improve experience for participants with psychosocial disability

The Recovery Framework, which was developed after extensive consultation with participants, their families and carers, state and territory governments and the sector, draws on evidence and best practice in the field of mental health and recovery-focused support and aims to provide a better experience for NDIS participants with psychosocial disability.

Changes to NDIA Board

Four new members have been appointed to the Board with effect from 1 January 2022; Ms Leah van Poppel; Dr Peta Seaton AM; Ms Meredith Allan and Dr Denis Napthine.

Legal challenges against NDIA decisions more than triple in five months

These appeals generally mean a person with disability has seen their funding package cut, a requested support has been denied or the agency has rejected their claim to join the scheme. Rachael Thompson, an advocate at the Rights Information Advocacy Centre, said there was total confusion in the community. “No one knows what’s going on,” Thompson said. “It’s seeming the NDIA are just choosing to ignore the recommendations from treating professionals, and only funding a quarter or half of what they’re requesting. People are being given explanations like, ‘It’s not value for money,’ [or] ‘We don’t have enough evidence.’”

NDIS sees increase in appeals

The NDIS is seeing an increase in appeals against its funding decisions with people having their plans cut after the government found the scheme unsustainable.

Clarification on NDIS AAT applications

The NDIA would like to clarify discussion around the number of Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) applications. The number of applications has remained steady as a proportion of the overall number of participants in the Scheme at between 0.43 and 0.45% since 2017-18 (to 30 June 2021).

The NDIS’ assessment future

Independent Assessments (IAs) are, to borrow a term from Australia’s former Prime Minister, “dead, buried and cremated.” Therefore, at first glance, the Joint Standing Committee (JSC)’s final report from the inquiry into IAs, released in October 2021, appears very late to a party that is really just wrapping up.  But before you dismiss it out of hand, there is an important reason to pay attention to this report. The

Safety net in danger: High price of changes to NDIS legislation

As Dr Ben Gauntlett, Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, explained by submission to the Senate, as the NDIS rules have not yet been released, Members of Parliament are effectively voting to give the NDIA powers that remain largely unknown.

‘Brought me to tears’: family who won landmark NDIS challenge now face cut to support

In 2017 the McGarrigles, supported by Victoria Legal Aid, won a landmark case over NDIS transport funding that had implications for thousands of other participants. The agency appealed to the full bench of the federal court. Its appeal was dismissed. Fast forward four years later and the McGarrigles are once again at loggerheads with the agency.

Breaking News: NDIA releases Support Coordination Paper

Seasoned Support Coordinators who were hoping for a detailed practice guide or resolutions to chronic issues will be disappointed. But the Paper and its accompanying website content does provide a clear, structured outline of Support Coordination that will likely be helpful to those new to the role and as a resource to support conversations with participants and families.