Behind Bars Part 4: Australia’s shocking cruelty to Aboriginal people with disabilities: overcrowding, no medical treatment, no accessibility

The result of this underfunding is major overcrowding. It is lack of accessibility for the diverse and sometimes complex needs of people with disabilities. It is the lack of medical services for people who need medical care. And it is staff who are under-trained, who are expected to control the inmates in overflowing prisons, rather than treating them humanely. Able-bodied and healthy prisoners may be able to cope with prison guards being inconsiderate, abusive, and worse. For people with disabilities, the results can range from humiliating, to dangerous.

Disability rights in Australian prisons

Kriti Sharma, a disability researcher at Human Rights Watch, joined Chris Mason to discuss the current situation for disabled prisoners in Australia.

Why is the murder of disabled people acceptable?

Queensland woman, Maree Crabtree has been arrested, accused of poisoning her two adult children, Erin and Jonathon, with prescription medications over a period of five years.  Both victims have been described as “severely disabled”.  

Young Man Stuck in Prison by NDIS Transition Mess

Last night ABC TV’s 7.30 program told the story of Francis, a young man with severe disabilities trapped inside the Melbourne Assessment Prison because, under the NDIS, there was no-one willing to care for him on the outside.

7.30 Report on ABC- Emergency Intervention Removes Disabled Young Man

Heartbreaking story on 7.30 last night about “Francis” a young man with an intellectual disability and autism that was stuck in Melbourne Assessment Prison because there was nowhere else for him to go. MP Martin Foley has put measures in place to get him out of there, however this situation is not unique, there are … Continued