A song for sex rights

Everyone likes to have their voice heard, but not everyone is heard equally. Rainbow Rights is a self advocacy group for people with an intellectual disability and who happen to be LGBTIQ+. They’ve just recorded a song to let the world know that they have the same rights that everyone else does.

Disability Pride – a movement whose time has come?

Disability” and “pride” are two words you wouldn’t usually see next to each other, and that’s something the organisers of New Zealand’s annual Disability Pride Week want to change. Rachel Noble is deaf and one of the founders of Disability Pride Week, now in its third year and expanding beyond Wellington for the first time. She says the idea grew from a long-standing desire for disabled people to have a stronger collective voice.

Poor disability support practices highlighted

The DSC (Disability Services Commissioner) 2018 annual report and review of disability service provision to people who have died 2017–18 was tabled in Victorian Parliament on the 19/12/2018.

Disabled children face barriers each day

While they do not need separate or special education, they require a more flexible education system, adviser for basic education, child rights and social inclusion Els Heijnen said.

Shaping job interviews to build diversity may be a game changer

Building a lego robot is not a usual prerequisite for a career in IT. But for Peter Middleton, a job interview specifically designed to showcase the unique skills and abilities of people with autism has landed him a dream job with the Australian Tax Office.

Report into Abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults in NSW – the need for action

In July 2016, the NSW Ombudsman commenced a standing inquiry into the abuse and neglect of adults with disability in community settings, such as their family home. They began the inquiry as they were repeatedly and increasingly contacted about serious matters of alleged abuse and neglect of adults with disability, and because there is currently no other agency that is equipped to perform this role.

Voice at the Table

The resources developed as part of this project provide practical consumer participation information, ideas and resources which can be used by service providers, governments and community organisations to ensure people with cognitive disabilities have a ‘voice at the table’ and participate equally at all organisational levels.

Understanding Abuse Learning Bites

The ‘Understanding Abuse’ Learning Bites are 3-5 minute videos addressing eight life areas. They can be used to promote discussion and personal reflection by support workers. Each Learning Bite has a printable worksheet to be completed and signed off by the supervisor.

Ouch: Disability Talk Podcast

Interviews and discussion with a personal and often humorous touch. With guest presenters plus Kate Monaghan and the Ouch blog team. Ouch is available exclusively online.

Disability advocates fear people with disabilities to be left stranded in NSW

For a person with a disability, advocates can be crucial to helping them navigate challenges associated with everyday life, like housing or education. But in New South Wales, there’s concern that such advocates will be forced to shut down when the state stops funding them in less than two years.

Concerns raised after girl with autism placed in cardboard ‘box’ enclosure in classroom

Ms Desmond said the school needed to be held to account for inappropriate decisions, but the buck stopped with Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff. “Parents are fighting day after day, year after year, to get appropriate adjustments,” she said. “It’s about time that schools that aren’t providing appropriate adjustments are held to account. and it’s about time the Department was held to account to ensure experiences like this don’t happen.”