Danny Rumsey has Down syndrome, and he is in love

When he is not doing laps or singing with community band, The Hidden Wonders, Danny has been working at the Welby Garden Centre, which was established by Challenge Southern Highlands to offer a range of assisted employment for people with disabilities.  Danny met Jodie Boland, who has an intellectual disability, at work.

‘Casual ableism’: Disability activist condemns McGuire coin-toss comments

Disability activist Carly Findlay says Eddie McGuire’s comments towards Sydney Swan’s ambassador and plane crash survivor Cynthia Banham are harmful, regardless of whether he knew she was disabled. The Fox Footy commentator and Collingwood football club president has come under fire for mocking Banham’s coin toss before the Sydney Swans versus Adelaide AFL match on Friday night.

Staying Safe

The ‘Staying Safe’ resource is a video series that inform the community about the need to respect people with disability and to prevent abuse and neglect.  According to research the level of abuse and neglect that people with disability experience is alarmingly high and this needs to change. The best way to prevent the abuse of people with disability is by informing them about their rights and encouraging them to speak up. Another prevention strategy is through raising public awareness of the abuse and neglect of people with disability within society.

Fighting for the rights of Australians with disability

Geoff Bell was a pioneer in the Australian disability rights movement and his archive shows how far we’ve come in 40 years, and how far we have yet to travel The documents catalogue the development of the disability rights movement in Australia over a 40-year period. They tell an important story of the difference that can be made where people come together to take action, and are committed to sustaining that action over time in the face of adversity. In particular, they are a testament to the power and authority of the ‘lived experience.’

Barriers and exclusions: The support needs of newly arrived refugees with a disability

For a multitude of reasons, people from refugee backgrounds are more likely to have a disability than other populations. Up until 2012, people with disabilities or with serious health concerns were excluded from Australia’s resettlement program. In 2012 a policy change meant that  Australia allowed refuges with disability to be granted visas. However , this … Continued

‘Forgotten’ Refugees With Disability Waiting Months for Basic Services

A woman arrives in Australia. She is a refugee. She has a disability. She discovers there is no suitable home for her to stay. Instead, she and her family are placed in short-term accommodation without facilities to support her basic needs. They are forced to take desperate measures.

Petition for Royal Commission into Disability Abuse

Closing date: March 20, 2019

Sam is a person with disabilities, and she’s demanding a royal commission take place.
Calls are growing for a royal commission into the abuse of people with disability. After endless political game playing and delays, a non-binding motion has passed Parliament: but it’s no guarantee of a royal commission.