A Future Without Violence: Quality, safeguarding and oversight to prevent and address violence against people with disability in institutional settings

The Australian Human Rights Commission undertook a project on violence against people with disability in institutional settings. This report outlines the Commission’s findings and recommendations on the ways in which quality, safeguarding and oversight mechanisms that prevent and address violence against people with disability in institutional settings can be strengthened.  

Supreme Court rules that Owners Corporations must not discriminate

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissions  intervention in the Supreme Court case of Owners Corporation v Anne Black got a great result for people with a disability seeking reasonable adjustments from owners corporations. The Supreme Court’s decision makes it clear that our Equal Opportunity Act requires owners corporations to make reasonable adjustments for both tenants and … Continued

Have your say on child rights in Australia

Closing date: May 23, 2018

The Australian Human Rights Commission will soon report to the United Nations on how Australia is meeting its international obligations to children, and are calling for submissions from all people and organisations that have something to say about the state of children’s rights in Australia.

Sickening footage of police beating disability pensioner sparks outrage

Board member of Disability Advocacy Australia Julie Phillips said there needed to be a significant change in approach to dealing with people who suffer from a disability.

“It’s outrageous that these sorts of things continue to happen in Victoria and Australia where the symptoms of people with disability which are due to autism or mental illness are being interpreted as people being deliberately obstructive,” she added.

Increase advocacy support for people with disability

The Victorian Government has recognised the important role of advocates since the 1980s, and currently provides funding to more than 20 organisations across the state to support around 1,700 people each year. However more than 1 million Victorians have disabilities, which means many people are missing out on the advocacy support that would help them express their needs and have these needs met.