The tragic death of Ann-Marie Smith has shocked us all

The essence of human rights is the right of everyone to live a dignified life. A life with shelter, food, access to health care, safety, inclusion in the community and respect. As a community we should value human rights because we value people. People from all backgrounds, living circumstances and abilities. People like Ann-Marie. A police investigation is now underway, and Ann-Marie’s death has been declared a major crime. 

Disabled People Have Unique Perspectives On Risks And “Reopening”

We are all struggling right now with how to assess risks, both for ourselves individually and for society as a whole. The stakes are extremely high. But one of the few advantages disabled people have during this pandemic is that we understand risk better than most. We live and work with it every day of our lives.

We have been disabled: How the pandemic has proven the social model of disability

This led me to thinking about how the current environment is leading to disability accommodations becoming widely available, not because of some ethical awakening or increased empathy but because now everyone is disabled. If we follow the logic of the social model of disability, we are now working in an environment that is not ideal for the vast majority rather than an unseen minority. Allow me to expand on that for you by giving you some examples.

5 reasons why there’s no wrong time to fight for disability rights

The answer to these and similar questions of equal access and fundamental rights of disabled people must be yes. Yes, it is always appropriate for disabled people to advocate for our rights, for full accommodation and inclusion, no matter what else is happening.

COVID-19 planning for people with disability a human rights issue

Although the experts welcomed the response plan, they say it needs to be based on human rights and principles to make sure ethical decision-making is used. Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Disability Innovation Institute at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Jackie Leach Scully says that the national response plan is just the starting point of ensuring the needs of people with disability are met.

Tell them we matter. Support access to care and rights for disabled people during COVID-19

Sign this petition to add your support the Statement of Concern on COVID-19: Human rights, disability, and ethical decision-making, The Statement of Concern emphasises that key human rights principles and standards on the rights of people with disability must be included in the policies, protocols and guidelines that determine decision-making in the context of lifesaving medical treatment during COVID-19.

Covid-19 gives an insight into what it’s like living with a disability

Many of us have experienced our freedoms and ability to earn reduced, our environments have become less than ideal, with services no longer delivering for us, and we are living in the shadow of an invisible enemy. Welcome to the world experienced by disabled people. You might have heard of the social and medical models of disability, and there is now no good reason not to understand what they mean – they apply to everyone.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Settling Some Old Arguments About Ableism

Disabled people know better than most that in a crisis, in times of confusion, fear, and deprivation, rules and norms meant to protect us can disappear like wisps of smoke. But we just don’t know how things will actually play out. That’s another familiar experience for most disabled people … the gap between the way things are supposed to be, the way people think they are, and the way they actually are for people with disabilities.

Disability services are essential services’: NDS CEO

Service providers are warning that 250,000 Australians with a disability are feeling “forgotten” by the emergency response planning for the COVID-19 virus. Peak body National Disability Services warned Federal Human Services Minister Stuart Robert yesterday that disability providers were underprepared for the crisis, with urgent action needed to protect and retain the sector’s workforce.