Disability royal commission draws closer

Senator Steele-John wants the inquiry to examine the systemic abuse and mistreatment of people in workplaces, residences and educational settings.

Podcast: Greens push for Royal Commission into abuse in the disability sector

A motion from Greens Senator Jordan Steele-John to establish a Royal Commission into abuse in the disability sector passed the Senate and had the numbers to pass the House of Representatives. The Government extended Question Time by an extra hour to avoid the vote, but they’ll have to deal with it when Parliament resumes on Monday.

Is life getting better or worse for people with disabilities?

A recent study from our Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health(CRE-DH) has confirmed what we already know: people with disabilities experience discrimination and disadvantage in many areas of their lives. But our study findings are especially worrying because they suggest that, in most aspects of life, inequities between working-age Australians with and without disabilities are persisting, and in some areas growing.

Review of the National Disability Agreement Study Report

This report finds that a new National Disability Agreement (NDA) between the Australian, State and Territory Governments is needed to facilitate cooperation, enhance accountability and clarify roles and responsibilities. The current NDA is no longer fit for purpose.

NSW disability groups gear up for advocacy battle

New South Wales disability groups are launching their “biggest campaign yet” to fight for ongoing advocacy funding as they prepare for the upcoming state election in March.

DHHS Disability Action Plan 2018 – 2020

The inaugural Department of Health and Human Services Disability action plan 2018-2020 outlines how the DHHS as a department will achieve their vision.

A Toolkit for Gender Advocacy

If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of women by advocating directly to parliamentarians, then this kit is for you. The advice and information you’ll find here is drawn from the wisdom and experiences of parliamentarians and advocates. This is a collection of practical tips and policy building advice that will help you shape policy for the better.

Choice and control at risk for NDIS participants

Choice and control for National Disability Insurance Scheme participants is at risk due to critical workforce shortages and inadequate market supervision, a parliamentary committee says.