Delivering Quality and Stable Employment Services for People with Disability

The Australian Government has announced that future contracts for Disability Employment Services-Employment Support Service will run for five years to ensure greater stability and continuity.Minister Ellis said .“All Australians have a right to the dignity and self respect that employment brings and without access to paid employment, people with a disability risk life on the … Continued

Hockey at Odds with Abbott on Disability Scheme

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has accused the government of a ”cruel hoax”, arguing the Labor Party has announced a National Disability Insurance Scheme without the funding to back it up. His stance, outlined in a budget reply at the National Press Club today, puts Mr Hockey at odds with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s call for … Continued

Improved Services for Children with Disability in Regional and Remote Australia

A new service will put children with disability living in regional and remote Australia in touch with specialists in the city, through a $4.1 million investment from the Gillard Government for the Remote Hearing and Vision Services for Children initiative. The new initiative will harness the National Broadband Network (NBN) to provide video and online … Continued

Extra $37 Million for VIC Government Students with Disability

More than 33,000 students with disability in Victorian government schools will have greater access to classroom support and specialised equipment thanks to $37 million in funding from the Gillard Government’s More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative. Parliamentary Secretary for School Education, Senator Jacinta Collins, said this funding is in addition to the previously announced … Continued

Waste Not Want Not: Making Room in the Budget for Essential Services

Action can be taken in this Budget (2012-13) to meet the most pressing social needs while at the same time restoring the Budget to surplus. This report identifies $8 billion of poorly targeted expenditure programs and tax breaks that could be cut and redirected to other priorities.

ACOSS Report Identifies $8b in Budget Savings

A new ACOSS report identifies around $8 billion dollars that could be saved in the Budget if the Federal Government tackles poorly targeted subsidies and tax concessions and clamps down on tax loopholes such as ‘golden handshakes and other shelters. “This will have the effect of moving the Budget towards a surplus, as the Government … Continued

Ministers Agree to National Categories for Disability in Schools

Parliamentary Secretary for School Education, Senator Jacinta Collins, today thanked state and territory ministers for accepting new nationally consistent categories for students with disability in schools. At Perth Standing Council meeting, Senator Collins said: “for the first time, we have the ability to collect national data on a diverse group with varying needs. Ultimately, data … Continued

Disability Policy & Research Working Group

The Disability Policy & Research Working Group (DPRWG) is a standing committee of the Community and Disability Services Ministers’ Advisory Council (CDSMAC). It comprises members from Australian, State and Territory Governments disability agencies, nine jurisdictions in total. This website contains information about the work of the DPRWG, and provides a forum for sharing information and … Continued

In Focus

This is the Victorian Department of Human Services e-newsletter for community service organisations. To subscribe to this newsletter, email:    

Guardianship Final Report

The Attorney-General tabled the final report in Parliament on 18 April 2012. The final report following an extensive consultation process explains the current state of Victoria’s guardianship and administration laws, discusses community views and submissions, and presents the Commission’s final recommendations. The report includes 440 recommendations including: Increased powers to the Public Advocate to investigate … Continued

New Family-Centered Approach to Managing Autism

Families and carers of young people living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will be better able to respond to concerning behaviours thanks to a new $2.5 million, three-year behaviour support program from the Victorian Coalition Government. Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge today announced that Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) had been awarded the contract for … Continued

DHS Organisational Review

DHS, Office for Disability, hosted a forum for Disability Advocacy organisations on 17 April 2012. This slideshow was presented by Chris Mathieson.

More Support for People with Disability to Work

Australians with disability will receive greater support to help them into work where possible, as a result of legislation passed by the Parliament today. The Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Disability Support Pension Participation Reforms) Bill 2012 delivers more generous work rules for Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients and new participation requirements for DSP … Continued

Gillard Government to Establish National Children’s Commissioner

The Gillard Government today announced the creation of a National Children’s Commissioner within the Australian Human Rights Commission. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said that the new Commissioner will focus on promoting the rights, wellbeing and development of children and young people in Australia. “For the first time, Australia will have a dedicated advocate focussed on the … Continued

Supporting Australian Disability Enterprises

The Gillard Government will inject $59.6 million over four years into Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) in 2012–13, supporting more than 20,000 workers with disability across Australia. This funding will help about 600 businesses, operated by 199 organisations, across Australia that provide supported employment opportunities for people with disability. ADEs provide meaningful work and training for … Continued