$6.5 million to improve advocacy for NDIS participants

“This increased funding for advocacy services will support people with disability and help deliver National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) decisions that are fair and robust,” Minister for Families and Social Services, Paul Fletcher said. “While the focus of NDIS Appeals is advocacy support, funding for legal services is available for cases with complex legal issues, or where the applicant does not have the capacity to self-represent.”

Disability royal commission terms of reference lacking critical aspects, Jordan Steele-John says

A two week consultation process has now opened for a Royal Commission into the mistreatment of Australians with a disability. The government has released broad draft terms of reference covering the abuse, exploitation and neglect of people in a number of settings — including schools, workplaces, homes, hospitals and even the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Greens Senator for Western Australia,  Jordon Steele-John says, “It’s really lacking in some critical aspects around investigation, prosecution and redress.”

States accuse Coalition of playing politics with disability inquiry

Federal and state government cooperation over the disability royal commission is threatening to break down, with state Labor ministers accusing the Morrison government of playing politics with the inquiry.  “Scott Morrison and the federal Liberals have been ignoring Australians living with disability for too long and now they want to deny them their long-awaited opportunity to be heard by rushing the process ahead of the election,” Victorian Disability Minister Luke Donnellan told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Disability Royal Commission to have broad terms of reference but funding unclear

The Federal Government is releasing a draft terms of reference for a royal commission into the mistreatment of disabled Australians. Disability advocates have welcomed the broad scope of the proposal. But they’re anxious to see the royal commission established before an election is called and the Government enters caretaker mode.

Federal government to pay for disability royal commission

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the federal government will pay for the royal commission into disability abuse, which will be permitted to also scrutinise the massive National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Disability abuse inquiry to be set up before election, government insists

The federal government insists it will set up a royal commission into the abuse of people with disabilities before entering election caretaker mode. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has pledged to fund the inquiry and has letters patent from all the states and territories to allow it to formally go ahead.

Disability Royal Commission terms revealed

The ABC has obtained details of the terms of reference for the upcoming Disability Royal Commission. Advocates who have seen the document say they’re pleased that the commission is broad in scope and will ask commissioners to investigate a wide range of abuses in a variety of settings.

Morrison suggests disability inquiry could be as big as $373 million child sex abuse royal commission

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is likely to be scrutinised by a sweeping royal commission into the abuse of people with disabilities, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison hinting the probe could be as big as the landmark $373 million inquiry into child sex abuse. Disability advocates want the inquiry to look into violence, abuse and neglect of people with a disability but have also urged the Prime Minister to make sure the NDIS is examined.

Barriers and exclusions: The support needs of newly arrived refugees with a disability

For a multitude of reasons, people from refugee backgrounds are more likely to have a disability than other populations. Up until 2012, people with disabilities or with serious health concerns were excluded from Australia’s resettlement program. In 2012 a policy change meant that  Australia allowed refuges with disability to be granted visas. However , this … Continued

Royal commission on the abuse of disabled people to be announced soon

The Morrison government is about to establish a royal commission into violence and abuse of people with a disability. The aim is to have the terms of reference finalised before the election. The disability area is a shared one, so the royal commission would be set up jointly with the states and territories.

Disability Royal Commission must be far-reaching

Yes, as has often been the case, the Coalition government has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the point where the proposal finally has bipartisan support. But, as with last year’s banking Royal Commission, the important thing is it got there.

Petition for Royal Commission into Disability Abuse

Closing date: March 20, 2019

Sam is a person with disabilities, and she’s demanding a royal commission take place.
Calls are growing for a royal commission into the abuse of people with disability. After endless political game playing and delays, a non-binding motion has passed Parliament: but it’s no guarantee of a royal commission.