The five biggest mistakes when undertaking advocacy

Take a few moments to check the most common mistakes social purpose organisations make when it comes to advocacy, campaigning and engagement with government – are you doing any of them?

Disability advocates fear new NDIS assessment process will be traumatic and limit access to the scheme

Mr Wallace has been a disability activist for decades, but he hasn’t yet spoken out about this incident, even though it happened almost 40 years ago. He is sharing it now to explain why some members of the disability community are deeply fearful of a new government plan to introduce an independent assessment process for access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Out of Tune: Government Responds to the Tune Review

The response is so full of government doublespeak and responses with no discernible relationship to the recommendation that it’s taken us a full week to even understand as much as we do. And while many of the proposed changes sound good at first, there is some serious room for error in how they are implemented.

Government response to the NDIS Act review

The Australian Government welcomes the 2019 review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (the NDIS Act) report completed by Mr David Tune AO PSM. The Report contains 29 recommendations to improve the experience of participants with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and support the introduction of the Participant Service Guarantee.

Singing to the same tune: Government backs Tune Review recommendations

The government’s decision to support all of the recommendations in the Tune Review has been labelled a “step in the right direction” for the National Disability Insurance Scheme by advocates, who hope the reforms will make the scheme quicker and easier to navigate.

Authorities swoop over alleged insurance fraud

Materials were seized from the sites in Western Sydney to assist the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Fraud Taskforce in its “Operation Pavo” investigation. In a joint release by the AFP, NDIA, and Services Australia on August 27, the authorities said the case’s current fraud value is estimated to be over $120,000.

Update on NDIS and COVID-19

The reporting will ensure accurate and timely information is being provided to the community. The data is collated through reporting mechanisms of the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission and compiled by the Commonwealth’s NDIS Critical Response Group.

Show data on disabled virus impact: Labor

Opposition spokesman for NDIS Bill Shorten says while government data includes breakdowns for aged care, there is nothing on how many people with disabilities have died or been infected.

Safeguarding gaps actioned as final report handed down

The Marshall Liberal Government is actioning disability safeguarding gaps highlighted by the independent taskforce – including bringing forward the expansion of the Adult Safeguarding Unit and committing new funding for individual advocacy. “Individual disability advocacy has not been funded by the state since 2007, when the former Labor Government defunded it as a cost saving measure.”

Victorian Disability Rapid Response Group established

Closing date: January 1, 1970

The newly established Disability Rapid Response Group (DRRG) will provide dedicated capability to support COVID-19 outbreak management throughout the course of an outbreak in a disability setting, including the allocation of a ‘Disability Incident Case Manager’.

Disability not included in the16 new Closing the Gap targets

In an historic new partnership between government and indigenous organisations, the Closing the Gap program is undergoing a major reset. A key Indigenous group is disappointed that disability has not been included in the 16 new Closing the Gap targets. While disability is a significant issue in health, education, justice and employment, it hasn’t been included as a target.