Diversity builds good business

Look around your office. If one in five of your colleagues are living with a disability, then your workplace is reflective of our broader community. If that’s not the case, your office holds a mirror to a broader societal trend. In Australia today participation in employment for people living with a disability is low and underemployed is high.

Employing people with disability is good business

Imagine you spent three or four years completing a degree and all your university friends were easily able to get a job. But you have been to many, many interviews and can’t get anywhere. Why? Because you have a disability.

First ever NDIS Participant Employment Strategy launched

‘This strategy is all about giving more people with disability, who have the desire and capacity to work, better access to the right supports to achieve their employment goals while breaking down barriers

Workplace adjustments in best-practice organisations

The Centre for Workplace Leadership, in consultation with the Australian Network on Disability, examined ‘best-practice’ organisations in Australia to understand how they utilised workplace adjustments towards the inclusion of people with disability in the workplace.

Employment outcomes – participants, their families and carers

Increased participation in the workforce for people with disability and their families and carers produces benefits for the individuals participating, as well as for the wider Australian economy. The analysis presented here investigates the employment experience of NDIS participants and their families and carers, including factors associated with positive employment outcomes.

NDIS data drop reveals severe employment gaps

Nearly half of all employed National Disability Insurance Scheme recipients over 25 are working for an Australian Disability Enterprise, while just 33 per cent are working in mainstream employment at full award wages, new data has revealed.

Dylan Alcott launches campaign fighting barriers to work for people with disability

The Remove the Barrier campaign, launched by the Dylan Alcott Foundation on Tuesday, aims to remove the visible and invisible barriers that prevent people with disability from finding work.  Despite one in five people in Australia living with disability, only 54 per cent of people with disability have employment, with few initiatives in place to shift the statistic.        

The ‘diversity trend’ taking over global offices

Just one in three Australian businesses hire people with a disability, despite most claiming they were willing to do so, according to a study of over 1200 businesses by the Department of Social Services.

Tom Mangan, General Manager – Workforce Solutions at Community Solutions, said that as a Disability Employment Services his team are always working to overcome these barriers.

Hiring people with disabilities: What you need to know

Most recruiting occurs from the perspective of the perceived ‘best available candidate’, according to Matt Little, CEO at CoAct.

Even in large organisations who implement implicit strategies to increase the representation of people with a disability, the ingrained HR policies and processes are designed to filter out less credentialed candidates, added Little.