Fears disabled Australians are being left behind as the country plans to open up

Vaccine passports will be a key item on National Cabinet’s agenda today.  But as the country prepares to open up, with NSW hurtling toward that milestone, there are grave fears that Australians with a disability will be left behind with vaccination rates still lagging. Guest: Professor Anne Kavanagh.

Vulnerable Australians forgotten in race to reopen

The first doses of vaccine arrived on Australia’s shores on February 15 and most of the highest priority people were to have received at least a first dose by April. The strategy was sound – but you need more than words on a page to make strategy become reality.

Snapshot: Supporting workers with disability – Lessons for the post-COVID workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic compounded existing inequalities for workers with disability, leaving many of them feeling stretched, stressed and unfairly treated. However, the unprecedented move to remote and flexible work during the pandemic also created opportunities to better understand how flexible work arrangements can support people with disability to access and participate meaningfully in the workplace. … Continued

Disability advocates demand action amid slow vaccine rollout

Frustrated disability groups say the Australian government has failed to protect the nation’s most clinically vulnerable people during the pandemic. Now, they have put forward an 11-point plan to urgently improve the vaccine rollout for the disability community.

Government still doesn’t know how many Australians with disability contracted Covid

Prof Anne Kavanagh, a University of Melbourne academic, said 18 months into the pandemic “we still don’t know how many people with disability have had Covid-19 nor how many have died”.  “Last year the commonwealth government did report cases among NDIS participants but that data didn’t include the 4 million disabled Australians who are not NDIS participants,” she said.

People with learning disabilities in England ‘have eight times Covid death rate’

The study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Oxford University and Public Health England found risks were particularly high for those with profound learning disabilities linked to Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy. Among Covid patients with Down’s syndrome, for example, the risk of dying from the infection was 36 times higher than in the general population.

Coronavirus vaccine to be made mandatory for disability support workers in Australia

Disability support workers may soon be forced to get vaccinated against coronavirus if they want to keep their jobs. The compulsory jab policy has been recommended by a panel of health experts and will be debated at a national cabinet meeting on Friday. The proposed mandate follows a similar order imposed on aged care workers, who must receive at least one dose by mid-September to remain employed in the industry.

People with disability ‘will die’ if we follow pandemic approach

Let us be clear. If the intention is to “let her rip” before ensuring that all of the 1a and 1b vaccine rollout groups are vaccinated, this will not be “living with COVID”. This will be eugenics against a protected group of citizens. People with disability will die.