Teachers fail to cater to disabled kids

Some teachers are “resisting diversity” in their classrooms and failing to cater for disabled students, the disability royal commission has been told. Special education teachers say despite some students having “complex needs”, there is no reason they cannot attend and thrive in mainstream schools.

This advocate redesigned the Disability Royal Commission website so people with disability can actually use it

“There were a lot of bureaucratic words, a lot of information about things like ‘letters patent’, which is legal jargonese which people don’t necessarily understand, or need to know. What they need to know is how they can tell their story, how they can be supported to tell their story, what they need to do, and what’s going to happen when they do it.”

Education ‘failing’ disabled young people

The Children and Young People with Disability Australia organisation said its findings show young people with disabilities are being failed by the education system, and called for special schools and separate classrooms to be phased out.

Disabled children restrained at schools

More than a fifth of disabled young people have been subjected to some form of restraint at school in the past year, new research shows.