Alternative Entry Scheme / Pathway for Aspiring Medical Students with Disabilities

Jerusha Mather is an enduring voice of equality for disabled students seeking access into courses where they are grossly underrepresented. Help Jerusha by signing her petition. Stand up for justice and equality and make a mark today by saying yes to increasing access and inclusion in Australian medical schools.

Disabled children face barriers each day

While they do not need separate or special education, they require a more flexible education system, adviser for basic education, child rights and social inclusion Els Heijnen said.

Supporting You – Supporting Students

This clearing house facilitate successful outcomes and improved educational experience for students with disability by  providing information, advice and resources to disability practitioners, academics, teachers and students on inclusive practices within the post-secondary education sector.

Concerns raised after girl with autism placed in cardboard ‘box’ enclosure in classroom

Ms Desmond said the school needed to be held to account for inappropriate decisions, but the buck stopped with Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff. “Parents are fighting day after day, year after year, to get appropriate adjustments,” she said. “It’s about time that schools that aren’t providing appropriate adjustments are held to account. and it’s about time the Department was held to account to ensure experiences like this don’t happen.”

Disabled teens suffering the mental health effects of bullying

If we could stop the high levels of bullying that adolescents with a disability experience, we could make a big difference to their health, learning and wellbeing. So school anti-bullying programs need to acknowledge the link between having a disability, being bullied and poorer mental health.

Schools try out a ‘can do’ approach to funding for disabled students

For decades, desperate families wanting to secure disability funding from their state school have had to go through the confronting process of describing exactly what their children can’t do. But that’s set to change, with the Andrews government trialling a new assessment that focuses on the strengths of students with disability, instead of their weaknesses.

Online Teachers Toolkit

The Teachers’ Toolkit aims to help teachers feel more confident to engage and support their students with little or no speech, by equipping them with the latest information and practical step-by-step recommendations. Designed for busy teachers, the toolkit is intuitive with easy-to-navigate topics and interactive checklists that summarise key points.

Improving Educational Outcomes for Children with Disabilities in Victoria

This study focused on the current experiences of children with disability in Victorian mainstream government schools by applying a human rights analysis. The findings of this report were based on nearly 100 interviews with former students, school staff (including principals, teachers and support staff), and individuals working to support and represent them. The result of these interviews revealed that some government schools continue to discriminate against students with a disability by turning them away. Moreover, those students with a disability who are enrolled and in the classroom are not receiving appropriately designed and implemented adjustments. 

New Course To Grow Disability Support Workforce

Victorians looking to upskill or start work in the disability sector will now have access to a new TAFE course to help them find a job or go on to study courses eligible under the Andrews Labor Government’s Free TAFE initiative.