Beyond the Paralympians: why access to fitness should be available to all

Editors Note: Whilst the article is written from a UK perspective, the issues apply equally to Australia and the rest of the world. Part of the NDIS rollout is the development of the ILC (Information, Linkages and Capacity) and hopefully this will help make general public facilities and services more inclusive and accessible. 2016 is … Continued

10 Badass Disabled Women You Should Know About

Disabled people deserve to know, from our school days, that we’re not just cases, diagnoses, or “not really disabled”; we’re part of a community with its own histories and triumphs. So to help you (and twelve-year-old me) gain a better understanding of disability than “just ignore it,” here are ten disabled women whose names you … Continued

Tolerance (or the lack of it!)

Closing date: May 19, 2016

The Rebuttal is an Independent Ezine and website that aims to promote and create discussion about Deaf and hearing impaired issues. This post is an interesting account on the Deaf vs. hearing, signing vs. speech debate and the need for tolerance for different lived experiences of deafness.

Disabled Filmmakers Breathe New Life Into Storytelling Through Web Series

In mainstream movies and TV, characters with disabilities have all too often been subjects of pity, scorn and denigration. Even worse, actors and filmmakers with disabilities continue to experience inequality and discrimination in the traditional Hollywood industry; problems that have long affected the community as a whole. These storytellers are bringing viewers true-to-life moments and … Continued

Dangerous Deeds on YouTube

Dangerous Deeds features art developed by people with disabilities which explores their passions and tells the stories of their involvement in the disability, advocacy and self advocacy movements. This collection of 18 videos includes captioned and audio described (AD) versions. For more information about this project, contact SARU: T: (03) 9639 6856 E:

Life’s finally a beach for people with disabilities

Now an increasing number of Victorian councils and communities are making changes – often minor and inexpensive – so the state’s most beautiful places can be enjoyed by more people.

Redefining the (able) body: disabled performers make their presence felt at the Fringe

As the late, great disability advocate, writer and comedian Stella Young reminded us, valuing difference does not mean adhering to conventional pieties and ignoring the fact that disability presents significant challenges. While performance can “give voice” to authentic narratives of disability, some performers struggle to be heard and understood in the literal sense. When the … Continued