Carly Findlay on centring disability

In this episode, we speak with Carly Findlay about ableism, the media and the new book Growing Up Disabled in Australia.

Council brings visibility to disability

Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio holder Cr Tony Hooper said the exhibition highlighted how our culture and systems discriminate against people with a disability, and how discriminatory attitudes and actions are challenged.

Disability access versus disability-led?

Under the charge of the rallying slogan ‘the last avant garde’, disability arts has pushed through the silent ceiling in recent years, with great strides in sector with Disability Inclusion Planning (DIP), research and initiatives such as the Create NSW Createability Internship. But more still needs to be done according to the numbers.

More AFL fan violence

A violent incident that marred an AFL game on the weekend has sparked outrage and calls for tougher penalties for fans who get physical at the footy.  “I shouldn’t have thrown the beer on him, but he shouldn’t have called me a retard or a spastic.”

Dylan Alcott weighs in on Eddie McGuire controversy

“There are 4.5 million Australians with a disability and you can’t see a lot of those disabilities. So the next time you see somebody doing something differently, let’s not bag them because of it, let’s say “good on you for doing it the way that you can”. I think it’s so awesome that this has come up so everybody can learn, because I’m always learning about things that I don’t know as well, and then we can just move on and bloody enjoy the footy.”

‘Navigate’ inclusive mentoring program for artists – EOI now open

Closing date: May 6, 2019

Navigate is a brand new mentoring program for artists who are at all stages of their arts career – looking to move to the next level. Navigate is an inclusive mentorship program for both creatives and self producing artists, focusing on production skills. Artists must produce a show for the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Successful Navigate … Continued