Young people with disabilities are trapped in nursing homes

It is hard to live your life surrounded by death. That is the confronting challenge facing around 6,000 young people with disabilities who are in Australian nursing homes. One young woman recently told us of the pain of watching 40 people she knew die in her first two years in a home. Another had tears streaming down her face every time a death was announced on the public address system and the favourite song of the deceased was played.

Research hub to develop ‘smart home’ technology for disability

A new research hub will be established in Victoria to develop personalised ‘smart home’ technology for people with disability. The Government will invest $3 million to launch the Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living at Deakin University in Melbourne.

People with disabilities in Australia are struggling to find appropriate housing

While the creation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has helped improve the care available for people with disabilities in Australia, experts say only a small percentage of recipients are eligible for accommodation under the scheme.

That’s left families and carers considering a range of solutions and not all of them are good.

A horrible chain of events means this disabled woman can’t go home

Garry Saville is now fighting for accountability and for the future of his disabled daughter, after an NDIS failure called “one of the worst” by a disability advocate. A simple renovation on his Elmhurst home for his wife Marilyn has turned into a nightmare.

Carers in crisis over dependent children

Ageing parents worn down by years of caring for their intellectually disabled adult children living at home are calling on both sides of government to provide them with independent housing that is permanent, safe and secure.

Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report

The options for the Regulatory Impact Assessment of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing were outlined in the Options Paper released in 2018 and was accompanied by a national consultation process. This report details the results from the consultations.

Government pledges to remove young people from nursing homes

The federal government will help young people with disability in aged care facilities to move into homes of their choosing, as part of a new national action plan. The government aims to get all people under 45 who wish to leave aged care homes into alternative, age-appropriate housing by 2022, while removing all those under 65 by 2025.