New temporary housing option for young people in aged care

NDIS minister Stuart Robert has announced that the NDIS will now fund a new type of transitional housing, Medium Term Accommodation (MTA),  designed to support participants as they prepare to move into permanent accommodation.

Deep scars from abuse in disability homes

“My daughter is fearful of everything, she’s had so much abuse,” the mother, referred to as Ms G, told a hearing in Melbourne on Monday. “She didn’t ask to be born with the problems she’s got, but as a result of what she’s been through in the system, she is a very damaged person.”

Disabled voices heard at royal commission

“I have found the move into supported accommodation resulted in extreme loss of control of my life,” Dr Gibilisco told the disability royal commission on Monday. “I have found it to be a loss to my way of life in a personal and social sense.”

SDA Innovation Plan

The SDA Innovation Plan outlines the activities the NDIA will undertake over the next 18 months to encourage innovation in SDA. In developing the plan, the NDIA has collaborated with key stakeholders, seeking their contributions and feedback on the intent and activities in the plan, their thoughts on innovation in SDA and participant preferences.

The NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Innovation Plan

Last month the NDIA released two key documents that will guide the future of the Specialist Disability Accommodation (“SDA”) market in Australia. One of these documents was the NDIS Innovation Plan. To assist those that are looking to develop, operate or reside in SDA dwellings, we set out below the key features of the NDIS Innovation Plan that you should be aware of.

New design standard puts NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation on solid foundations

Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, today released the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard – landmark guidelines that will spur a new era of housing construction and enhancement for Australians with disability. The SDA Design Standard will guide architects, builders and the community as they look for new and better ways to build specialist housing for people with disability.

NDIS red-tape leaves vulnerable Victorians in abusive homes

This was a key finding the Community Visitors Annual Report, tabled in State Parliament today. Nearly half of all serious incidents in disability group homes reported by the visitors each year relate to violence between co-residents, with 133 notifications being made this year to the Disability Services Commissioner (DSC). [p. 19]

Young people with disabilities are trapped in nursing homes

It is hard to live your life surrounded by death. That is the confronting challenge facing around 6,000 young people with disabilities who are in Australian nursing homes. One young woman recently told us of the pain of watching 40 people she knew die in her first two years in a home. Another had tears streaming down her face every time a death was announced on the public address system and the favourite song of the deceased was played.

Research hub to develop ‘smart home’ technology for disability

A new research hub will be established in Victoria to develop personalised ‘smart home’ technology for people with disability. The Government will invest $3 million to launch the Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living at Deakin University in Melbourne.