Carers in crisis over dependent children

Ageing parents worn down by years of caring for their intellectually disabled adult children living at home are calling on both sides of government to provide them with independent housing that is permanent, safe and secure.

Accessible Housing Options Paper Consultation Report

The options for the Regulatory Impact Assessment of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing were outlined in the Options Paper released in 2018 and was accompanied by a national consultation process. This report details the results from the consultations.

Government pledges to remove young people from nursing homes

The federal government will help young people with disability in aged care facilities to move into homes of their choosing, as part of a new national action plan. The government aims to get all people under 45 who wish to leave aged care homes into alternative, age-appropriate housing by 2022, while removing all those under 65 by 2025.

The best built environment is an inclusive one, designed for ageing and disability

Home modifications can help delay institutional care, creating benefits for the individual, the taxpayer and the healthcare system. A UNSW Built Environment professor is determined to improve the accessibility of the built environment, which could improve the outcomes for some of the most vulnerable populations – the elderly and the disabled

‘We are drowning’: Sam doesn’t have mental illness, yet he’s living in a psych ward

A severe shortage in housing suitable for Victorians with “complex needs” – people who need considerable social and health support – means hundreds of the state’s most vulnerable people, including those with an intellectual disability, have no option but to live in psychiatric wards, short-stay hotel units and boarding houses. Their families and advocates say it’s a full-blown crisis.

Invest to solve housing crisis for people with disability

Disability and housing groups have come together to call for a significant government investment in disability housing to make sure that all people with disability live in homes that are safe, affordable and accessible.

NDIS Housing Pathways Project Launched

Closing date: February 24, 2019

The Melbourne Disability Institute and the Brotherhood of St Laurence are co-funding a research project on the different housing pathways available for people with disabilities.

SIL quoting: the chicken, the egg or just a plain mess

If you are a person wanting 24 hour support for personal care, mobility support, health and well-being, and a vastly improved living situation, you would certainly care which came first- the SIL quote or having SIL in your Plan?

Housing, homelessness and mental health: towards systems change

This research progresses the priority areas identified by the National Mental Health Commission and provides evidence about the systemic issues and policy levers that need to be addressed to provide more and better housing and more and better services for people with lived experience with mental ill health.

Australians with disability twice as likely to be evicted without cause

A report by Choice, National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) examined the consumer experience of renting in Australia, and found renters with disability faced a range of barriers that prevented them getting into or staying securely in rental accommodation.