Do the new Short Term Accommodation prices stack up?

On 1 October the NDIA released an updated Price Guide that included an increase in the prices for Short Term Accommodation (STA), a.k.a respite. Anyone who previously relied on respite as part of their support model will know that the STA part of the NDIS rollout has been like a dark storm cloud looming over their head.

SDA Numbers Update – Disability Reform Council

The Disability Reform Council (DRC) met last Monday 20 November to discuss a range of issues involving the NDIS rollout to date. One of the most anticipated topics on the agenda was the current status of SDA in terms of the number of dwellings registered and overall participant numbers.

Clarifying the SDA Classification Confusion

As more people slowly gain confidence in the potential to deliver SDA and start to design and even build, a new source of potential confusion is emerging around gaining a building classification. In this technical SDA article we will explore what classification is all about and what it means when considering delivery of SDA.

NDIA: Short Term Accomodation

Following consultation and feedback with participants and providers, today the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) announces the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) price limits for short term accommodation will be increased from 30 October 2017.

 SDA market wrap: The bricks and mortar

In July 2016, the NDIA launched a policy to encourage the market to build 12,000 new housing places for people with disability. The policy also enables 16,000 existing homes to be renovated or refurbished. Today we know it as the SDA. This level of construction is unprecedented. The SDA policy could potentially see more housing for people with disability built in the next five years than has been constructed over the last half-century.

How the NDIS is using the market to create housing for people with disability

Housing for people with disability is being transformed from grants-based funding to a market-based system where people with disabilities control their own funding. This market has the potential to grow in size by around A$5 billion over the next five years in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What do a Train and SDA Have in Common?

Closing date: August 28, 2017

Once upon a time, Australia had the opportunity to create a truly visionary National system. A system that allowed for seamless and consistent operations across all states and territories. However, the states had parochial attitudes, ill-informed advice and a lack of national focus.