Making Sure Our Carers are OK

Australia’s 2.6 million carers will have access to emotional and psychological support into the future with the announcement today that funding has been guaranteed for counselling services for carers for an extra year. The Gillard Labor Government is providing $7 million funding for the National Carer Counselling Program (NCCP) and the Carer Information Support Service … Continued

Mental Health Advice Line to Close Tonight

The Baillieu Government’s decision to shut down Victoria’s only dedicated 24-hour mental health advice line will place further strain on already stretched services, the Parliamentary Secretary Assisting the Shadow Minister for Health, Wade Noonan, said today. The Mental Health Advice Line will close at midnight tonight (Monday, 19 March, 2012). “This is a major blow … Continued

Autism School for West

Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon says a plan for a prep-to-year-12 school for students with autism in Melbourne’s western suburbs is ”non-negotiable”, with work on the new school to begin within two years. Specialist autism P-12 schools are controversial because some experts argue autistic children should be educated in mainstream schools to improve their social … Continued

Pushing the Boundaries on Autism in the Mainstream

Clifton Hill Primary principal Geoffrey Warren is the first to admit to ”considerable doubts” when asked to enrol a student with severe autism several years ago. Adam Dickson, then eight, was ”shutting down” at an autism school and his mother Stephanie Gotlib became concerned he was depressed. Ms Gotlib, the executive director of Children with … Continued

ABS Data Shows Alarming Drop in Transport Mobility

A growing number of Victorians are finding it increasingly difficult to travel to the places they need to with older people and young adults in particular being left behind as the State’s public transport woes intensify. New analysis of ABS data from 2006 – 2010 shows a 15 per cent drop in the number of … Continued

Disabled Protestors Demand Better Public Transport

Led by Johnny Crescendo, a leading US disability activist who was in Melbourne for the You Be The Judge Conference, a group of disabled protestors stopped trams in their tracks on Elizabeth Street this afternoon rallying for better wheelchair access to Melbourne’s public transport.  

Wheelchair-seating Service: Research Project

Rachael Schmidt, from the Occupational Science & Therapy School of Health & Social Development at Deakin University is undertaking a research project aimed at exploring the experience of those who receive a wheelchair-seating service and those who provide a specialised wheelchair seating service (in all forms) within an Australian context. Many service providers have already … Continued

Make the Diffeence Grant Program

Future2’s Make the Difference! Grants program was launched in 2007. Since then 17 grants valued at over $200,000 have been made to not-for-profit and charitable organisations working with disadvantaged young Australians. Future2’s grants focus on the under 25s who may be financially disadvantaged, homeless, juvenile justice offenders, drug or alcohol dependent, disabled or Indigenous. Grants … Continued

Web Accessibility Tools

While the Internet is an exciting technological tool, it requires innovative design to make a web site accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities. The web accessibility team at Accessible Information Solutions run Workshops and Training programs across Australia; and provide services in Web Testing and Consulting. Tools available free download include: Colour Contrast Analyser … Continued

Web Accessibility Information

Web acccessibility information sheets are available from Vision Australia and include the following: Ten tips for accessible websites Tips for accessible forms Tips for accessibility testing Tips for accessible scripting and Flash Make your online services accessible for people of all abilities Web Content Accessibility Guidelines To view or download these Information Sheets in a … Continued

Inclusion for People with Disability through Sustainable Supported Employment

year Vision for people with disability in supported employment has now been released. The report sets out the Advisory Group’s vision for the supported employment sector, underpinned by a series of principles and eleven recommendations. It is hoped the report will provide a strong framework for the employment expectations and aspirations of people with disability, … Continued

The Information Access Group

The Information Access Group was established in January 2009. We assist organisations meet the diverse literacy needs of the community. We specialise in creating documents and websites that are easy to read and easy to use. Our team includes writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers, researchers and trainers who bring together a wealth of experience … Continued

SociAbility: Social Media for People with a Disability

ocial media is what allows anyone with an internet connection to publish their own content and connect with other people. Through it, we receive a wealth of information and interaction. For people with a disability, such as a hearing, sight or mobility impairment, social media websites and applications have their own barriers. In late 2011, … Continued

Verbal Communication Support Called into Question

Over the years, seemingly miraculous feats have been performed by profoundly disabled people with the help of a controversial technique known as “facilitated communication”. It’s a method where people who can’t speak or communicate normally are given physical support to help them do so, but there have long been serious doubts over whether it actually … Continued

Nursing Home Out of Reach for Diabetes Sufferer

Working for country newspapers and radio stations, Leigh Dickinson travelled hundreds of kilometres in various jobs. But since he suffered a diabetic coma two years ago, his horizons have shrunk to a hospital ward. Brain damage has burnt through his memories and speech; his eyesight is failing as his blood sugar still soars and plummets … Continued