We deserve to tell the stories of our unique lived experience

Following community outrage at the decision to portray disability in this way, the studio has offered the standard empty “sorry to those who were offended”. But the damage is done. Movie-going children in their millions, whose world views are being actively shaped, will now associate limb difference with being scary and dangerous. They’ve learned a powerful, early lesson that disability is gross and scary.

What I’ve learned as a disabled person from the Covid-19 pandemic

I have lived over 50 years with my lifelong disabilities. I thought my understanding of disability was fully formed and realistic. But I think that in the long run, what I will remember most vividly from this pandemic is the lessons I am learning about disabled people and their true place in American society.

What these two young people want you to know about Tourette syndrome

Managing this neurological condition can be really tiring and difficult. But Zoe and Fergal have their own ways of dealing with it. Zoe wants us to know that having Tourette’s isn’t all funny, while Fergal finds giving it a nickname helpful.

How To Do Something Good In The Disability Community If You’re Not Disabled

The field of disability services and advocacy is changing. One of the most significant shifts over the last few decades has been the rising prominence of actual disabled people within the disability field. While this is a positive development overall, it should prompt non-disabled people interested in serving disabled people to rethink their position and approach.

I’m always the only scientist in the room in a wheelchair. It shouldn’t be this way

Eleanor Beidatsch has a passion for palaeontology, but that’s not as strong as her passion to see more people with disability accepted and succeeding in the sciences. “When I look around a room, I don’t often see anybody else like me. In all the time I’ve been at university I’ve never seen another student in a wheelchair and I’ve seen only a couple with other sorts of disabilities. It can get lonely sometimes.”

ABC’s Nas Campanella tells her story of a confronting encounter on a Sydney train

In a confronting and honest story, the ABCs disability affairs reporter Nas Campanella tells how she’s been told she shouldn’t exist because of her disability. She’s sharing the story to mark the ABC’s week of coverage to mark International Day for People with Disability, designed to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability.

COVID-19 face coverings mask the message

Many people experience hearing loss – from mild to disabling – but COVID-19 face masks are making communication even harder for people with hearing impairment

Dylan Alcott’s newest venture serves up fresh food and jobs for people with disability

“I just thought, stuff it, I’m going to just employ people with disabilities top to bottom and show how good they can be within a workplace,” Alcott said.   “We’re not doing this for CSR and we’re not doing it to do the right thing. We’re doing it because people with disabilities are bloody good employees.”