How Blind Users Experience Instagram

While marketers and content creators routinely debate and swap advice on if, when and how to use these practices, a disabled person can’t choose if, when and how to be disabled. For them, digital accessibility is a full time, lived experience.

Disability policies must be based on what the disabled need

Diversity policies, especially when it comes to disabled people, are often created and implemented by decision makers with very different life experiences to those who their policies affect most. We would never expect economic policy to be crafted without input from economists and bankers. We should demand the same for disability policies, if we want to create the change needed to produce inclusive societies.

Blind and low-vision Australians shut out of Covid vaccine finder website

nd and low-vision Australians are being shut out of the Covid-19 vaccination process because the government’s eligibility checker and clinic finder website fail to meet basic web accessibility standards, according to Australia’s biggest provider of low-vision services.

Carly Findlay calls for more disabled people in leadership

“We have seen the benefits of working from home, as well as the accessibility of online events,” Carly tells The CEO Magazine. “For many people – especially disabled people – events and art going online because of the pandemic has been the first time they’ve had access to it. We have seen accessibility created because non-disabled people have required it, yet disabled people have been calling for these provisions for many years.”

I was perfect for the job, but I couldn’t even get into the building. Here’s why

You’ve already been told by your potential employer that your resumé is the best they have ever seen. The employer has every intention of giving you the job. The interview is just a formality. But, when you arrive for the interview, you find yourself unable to enter the building. Because of this, no matter how perfect you are for the position, you won’t get the job.

We die in disproportionate numbers: disabled people on disasters

In moves to address climate change, many of us make assumptions about how to make a difference. Stop using straws, get rid of packaging, use less air-conditioning. But what if that straw makes the difference between being able to drink or not, you rely on packaged, pre-cut fruit because you’re unable to cut it yourself, if air-con is essential for your ability to function.

Why we need a Disney princess with a disability

When children can’t and don’t see themselves and the possibilities of their lives, joy and dreams in what they watch, read and play with, it’s like a black hole gets torn inside them. 

Diversity, the final frontier: space agency seeks disabled astronaut

The European Space Agency (ESA) is seeking new astronauts for the first time in a decade and wants to recruit one person with a disability. At a briefing held today, ESA experts and astronauts discussed the selection criteria for the four to six astronauts who are needed. The agency said it was keen to improve its record on diversity and inclusion and wants one of the new recruits to have a disability – a “parastronaut”.