Bushfire support comes for people with disability

An Australian charity has launched a bushfire relief website to help people with disability get much-needed equipment during times of crisis. IDEAS’ eBility Bushfire Relief website aims to provide essential resources for Australians with disability who are starting to recover from the bushfires, especially in areas where NDIS support is not available.

Australia Day Honour for disability advocate

Disability advocate Carly Findlay is thrilled to have been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to people with a disability and says she hopes to use the platform to help amplify other voices.

It’s up to all of us to end the dehumanization of disabled people

As a blind person myself, I am all too familiar with such dehumanizing treatment. Often persons with disabilities (PWDs) are treated differently, simply because we look, act, move or communicate differently. But should our differences, stemming from disabilities that we did not choose, be an excuse or justification for others to treat us as lesser individuals?

Why Non-Disabled People Need to Reshape Our Lens on Disabilities

Fast forward to my life now and raising my autistic son. I’m ashamed to admit how little I associated privilege and inequality with disabilities until I actually had to start advocating for my son. My ignorance is incomprehensible to me now. How did I not see it before?

AFI Supported Decision Making Podcast

This series of 10 episodes builds skills in supporting others in their decision-making. This kind of support is particularly important for people in our community whose decision-making has been ignored or undermined. We can help people reclaim their decision-making power through the support we offer.

Nadina LaSpina on struggle, empowerment, & disability pride

pina shares her story about contracting polio as a baby and the prejudice she faced as a disabled young woman. Through her experiences, she became a prominent activist in the disability rights movement and has been arrested countless times for civil disobedience. What can we learn from disabled activists about living in today’s ableist world? What has improved over the years and what still needs to change?

Christmas Comes Early for Television Viewers Who Are Blind or Vision Impaired

Australians who are blind or vision impaired are celebrating today following an announcement by the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts that funding will be made available to Australia’s public broadcasters to implement Audio Description (AD).