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Defiant Lives on iView

The story of the rise and triumph of the disability rights movement, with exclusive interviews with elders (some now deceased) who have led the movement over the past five decades and rarely seen archival footage.

One in Five Podcast

This podcast explores some of the most complex issues facing people with disability today. In Australia, one in five people live with disability. The podcast gives voice to people with disability and asks about their experiences with employment, housing, the law, supporting families and early intervention. A range of experts including people with disability, researchers and people working in the sector talk about what we can do to improve the lives of people with disability. 

SDA Innovation Plan

The SDA Innovation Plan outlines the activities the NDIA will undertake over the next 18 months to encourage innovation in SDA. In developing the plan, the NDIA has collaborated with key stakeholders, seeking their contributions and feedback on the intent and activities in the plan, their thoughts on innovation in SDA and participant preferences.

NDIS Planning Interim Report

Evidence presented to the committee throughout the inquiry indicates that more time is required to fully consider issues associated with the planning process. Further time is also required to consider the impact of recent government initiatives to improve the NDIS—several of which are in their trial stages. Consequently, the committee has decided to present this interim report, which contains 14 recommendations to improve the operation of the planning process and the NDIS more generally. Many of these are proposed as a means of addressing issues with the planning process in the immediate term, while initiatives to improve the planning process are implemented. The committee has also highlighted other areas that it will consider more closely in the coming months.

NDIS Quarterly report: 2019-20 Q1

The Quarterly Reports provide the COAG Disability Reform Council with information (including statistics) about participants in each jurisdiction and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each jurisdiction. In addition, a range of state-specific information has been compiled about the NDIS performance in this quarter

State of the Disability Sector Report 2019

This year’s flagship report finds that while operating conditions might have improved, serious issues around pricing, sustainability, regulations and more continue to present great challenges for the sector. Featured in the report are the results from the sixth round of the Annual Market Survey, conducted independently by the University of New South Wales. 667 disability … Continued

Mike’s Story: Housemates

This documentary addresses somebody with an intellectual disability living in their own home with the support of housemates. Mike has been living under this model for several years with the support of his parents Rosie and Kelvin, who also explain how the model works from a parent’s perspective and why they favour it over other models such as group homes. 

2018 Report on the operation of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

In this report, for the first time, an indicator framework was used to help measure human rights culture in the public sector in Victoria. This framework was informed by the Commission’s experience applying the Charter, expert advice on measuring organisational culture and extensive consultation. The result was a framework designed to measure activities that exist when human rights culture is strong.

DRC Jargon Buster

Disability Royal Commission hearings sometimes use terms that most Australians aren’t very familiar with. The ‘Jargon Buster’ is a list of these explained in plain language.

Supporting Justice

People with cognitive impairment and intellectual disabilityhave the right to be treated fairly in the criminal justice system in Victoria. Supporting Justice provides practical resources to help people in the criminal justice system get fairer outcomes and needs-based support.

Right to make your own medical decisions brochures

Everyone has the right to play an active role in making decisions about their own health and to receive the support they need to do so. These two brochures have been produced to promote the role of supported decision making and importance of communication in medical decision making.

Neglect: Interim Report

The Interim Report has found the aged care system fails to meet the needs of its older, vulnerable, citizens. It does not deliver uniformly safe and quality care, is unkind and uncaring towards older people and, in too many instances, it neglects them.

Self-Advocacy for the NDIS (Mental Health)

This resource aims to help people experiencing mental health issues to self-advocate for what they need under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The workbook was developed following a co-design process, in partnership with VMIAC and Tandem. The booklet is available for download in PDF and Word formats. 

Community Visitors Annual Report 2018–2019

The report identifies a range of issues critical to the safety, treatment, care and human rights of Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens who, due to their disabilities, require 24-hour care in state-regulated or managed services. These issues include a 23 per cent increase in abuse and violence, particularly resident-on-resident and patient-on-patient as well as issues relating to people failing to access or benefit from the NDIS, Community Visitors being denied access to incident reports, insufficient accommodation for people with a mental illness and fire safety in Support Residential Services.