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NDIS Participant Booklets

Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey. They are available for download in PDF, Word and Easy English  and include Booklet 1 – Understanding the NDIS, Booklet 1 – Understanding the NDIS and Booklet 3 – Using your NDIS Plan

Report: Need for regulation of mobility scooters, also known as motorised wheelchairs

The inquiry has determined that there is considerable agreement around the need to develop less complex, nationally consistent rules and regulations relating to the use of motorised mobility devices. Based on evidence provided to the committee during its inquiry, the committee suggests that there is a high level of agreement amongst stakeholders in relation to…

Report: Market readiness for provision of services under the NDIS

The challenges for both participants and service providers to transition to a market-led service delivery model cannot be underestimated. Creating a participant enabling environment and developing a competitive marketplace is vital to the success of the Scheme. However, during the course of this inquiry, the committee heard that the NDIA, as the lead market steward, … Continued

NDIS Practical Guides to support disability service providers

This series of practical guides have been developed to explore key NDIS operational requirements in a format that is useful to service providers operating under the NDIS. Guides are available for download in PDF and Word formats and include ‘Practical Guide to Scheduled Plan Reviews’ and ‘Practical Guide to Unscheduled Plan Reviews’ amongst others.

The Housing Hub

The Housing Hub is a new way for people with disability to find suitable housing. The Housing Hub advertises vacancies for all types of housing that may be relevant to people who have disability – specialist disability accommodation (SDA), disability-friendly private rentals, supported residential services (SRS) and more.

Connect with Me: Making co-design meaningful

The aim of this project is to make co-design a valued component of business rather than a compliance obligation. People with disability have lived experience that is relevant to  all aspects of policy, services, and facilities intended for use by people with disability. Meaningful co-design means the best outcomes for everyone.

Transfer of disability accommodation and respite services

August 2018, the Victorian Government announced it will transfer government operated disability accommodation (also known as Supported Independent Living) and respite (Short Term Accommodation and Assistance) services to five not-for-profit providers.

A strong future for supported employment: Consultation summary report

This report summarises the major themes raised by people with disability and their families and carers, Australian Disability Enterprises, employers of people with disability, peak bodies and other interested stakeholders, during the recent consultations on the development of the Government’s supported employment policy Supported employment plays a vital role in improving the social and economic participation … Continued

Competition and Collaboration Between Service Providers in the NDIS

The data showed that while collaborative efforts were largely perceived to be continuing there were signs of organisations shifting to more competitive relationships in the new quasi market. This shift has implications for care integration and care co-ordination, providing insight into how increasing competition between providers may affect care integration.

Steps to Speaking Up: Important things to know about the Child Protection system for parents with disabilities in Victoria

This is a 40-page booklet which uses clear sections and headings and an easy to read layout to help parents with disability understand and navigate the child protection system in Victoria. It contains a glossary (word list) of some commonly used terms that the legal system uses to describe things around child protection, as well as a list of important human rights conventions and laws.

Advocacy Sector Conversations forum Resources June 2018

This forum was held at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre on 28 June 2018. This forum series provides advocates with a space for gathering information, sharing knowledge and providing time to network. Auslan video, audio, transcript and links to resources are available for each session. This forum included the following sessions: The NDIS, Housing and the … Continued

NDIS Get Ready Yolngu Matha Version

The NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme is coming to indigenous communities around Australia. This video shows what NDIS workers do on communities and gives information on how the NDIS can benefit people with any form of disability.

Finding the right NDIS supports

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists people with disability by making sure they get the right supports and services. But how does it work for young people? This resource includes videos showing young people with disability talking about the NDIS, along with links to blog posts and downloadable worksheets in a variety of formats that will help you find the right supports for you.