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Group Self Advocacy Partnership Project: Report & model

‘Many people with cognitive disability and complex communication support needs are discriminated against, and are yet to be fully included in Australian society. Because of this self advocacy groups continue to work to create an equal society where all people are included and respected. This report proposes models for how to successfully run projects in partnership with a range of organisations and self advocacy groups.

How is the disability sector faring? A report from National Disability Services’ Annual Market Survey

The National Disability Services’ (NDS) Annual Market Survey is a key resource in understanding the state of the Australian disability sector, its challenges and opportunities. A key driver for this research is the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the substantial restructuring of individual organisations and the supply-side of the scheme. This research is intended to identify risks, monitor change and identify any undesirable consequences occurring in the disability sector.

Are we taking care of the carers?

A new survey analysis of the psychological working environment in Australia’s health sector points to a sharp divide between the poorer conditions faced by disability and aged care support workers, and the largely professional healthcare workforce of doctors and nurses.

Barriers and exclusions: The support needs of newly arrived refugees with a disability

For a multitude of reasons, people from refugee backgrounds are more likely to have a disability than other populations. Up until 2012, people with disabilities or with serious health concerns were excluded from Australia’s resettlement program. In 2012 a policy change meant that  Australia allowed refuges with disability to be granted visas. However , this … Continued

Report on Government Services 2019

This is a recurring report.

Part F, chapter 15 includes Services for People with Disability. This chapter reports on the Australian, State and Territory governments’ assistance provided to people with disability and their carers.

Review of the National Disability Agreement Study Report

This report finds that a new National Disability Agreement (NDA) between the Australian, State and Territory Governments is needed to facilitate cooperation, enhance accountability and clarify roles and responsibilities. The current NDA is no longer fit for purpose.

Allied Health Workforce Research Reports

The Allied Health Workforce Research Program (the Program) aims to better understand the demographics of allied health professions, what drives engagement and commitment to roles, and issues affecting workforce development and professions’ abilities to meet service demand.

Disability, thoughts of suicide and Australian men

It’s a difficult subject, but men in Australia are much more at risk of having suicidal thoughts than women; now, new research looks at what this means for Australian men with a disability