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Why housing is a major public health issue for Australians with disability

Closing date: May 13, 2019

Access to adequate, safe, secure, accessible and affordable housing is a fundamental human right. But in Australia, right now, housing disadvantage is impossible to ignore, and the situation is particularly alarming for disabled Australians.

My boyfriend’s ‘striking difference’ leaves me invisible in the community

People with disabilities still face widespread misconceptions and stereotypes that feed into attitudes and behaviour in the wider community. As a result, discrimination is part of daily life for many people with disability. Unfortunately, difference in all of its forms is often feared.

Ensuring better insurance for Australians

What is not mentioned in the justification behind the underspend is that many participants have money in their plans they haven’t been able to spend, which is then repurposed across the scheme.

Ask a policy expert: why is it so hard to get on the disability support pension?

Sydney Policy Lab says: We looked into it and discovered that changes to the system over two decades had tightened the DSP eligibility and assessment conditions to such a degree that the system is now severely restricting eligibility requirements. Below we set out how Australia has reached this point and what it means for those people in Nijole’s position.

Lived experience is important but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker

The chief of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has resigned and some advocates are calling for the new chief executive officer to be a person with a disability, someone who has “lived experience”. Such a requirement is well intentioned but in my view there are good reasons to be cautious.

Government’s NDIS growth figures ‘pretty meaningless’: GP

‘The NDIA [National Disability Insurance Agency] is an unwieldy bureaucracy and many people who would be eligible for NDIS funding face huge barriers even accessing, let alone navigating the scheme,’ he said.

More AFL fan violence

A violent incident that marred an AFL game on the weekend has sparked outrage and calls for tougher penalties for fans who get physical at the footy.  “I shouldn’t have thrown the beer on him, but he shouldn’t have called me a retard or a spastic.”

Labor’s NDIS Future Fund will stop cuts and chaos

This is part of Labor’s Plan to get the NDIS back on track, and protect it from the Liberals’ cuts and chaos. Under Scott Morrison and the Liberals, the NDIS has been starved of resources so it isn’t delivering for people with disability like it was designed to.

Labor vows to protect NDIS funds into the future

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said a Labor government would establish an NDIS Future Fund that acts as a “locked box” for funds allocated to the NDIS that were not used.