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Sunsuper faces legal action over alleged ‘improper’ payments for disability benefits

The former fruit picker and cleaner, who was injured at work in July 2016, is locked in a fight with Sunsuper, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. She has accused them of failing to properly pay out her permanent disability claim, and compensation lawyers say she is one of many being put under severe financial stress by the organisation.

Private schools that misrepresent disability enrolments could face fraud charges

The government’s allocation of per-student disability funding came under fire from the Catholic school sector this week, with the Victorian director of the Catholic Education Commission, Stephen Elder, claiming independent schools were “raking in millions” from the scheme because of “subjective teacher assessments” of students.

Concerns for students with disabilities as national report reveals widespread bullying, assaults and suicide taunts

More than 56 per cent of students with disabilities had experienced bullying over a 12-month period, a national survey has found. The survey, by Children and Young People with Disability Australia, revealed students experienced a range of bullying including being punched, kicked, headbutted, cyberbullied, spat on and having food or rocks thrown at them. Some … Continued

Making Disability Support Work Across Real Lives

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a game changer, but the challenge is to make it work across people’s life course, from education and housing, to social participation and employment, writes Catriona May, from University of Melbourne.

‘Profoundly irresponsible’: How the NDIS is failing the autistic

Although the subject is frequently in the news and being talked about the diagnostics coined by doctors, professors and scientists in relation to it are often disconnected from my life, and the lives of autistic adults and children. All the puzzling terms, labels and categories can make it harder for us to receive help when we need it and harder for the rest of the world to understand us.

Life on the breadline: Knowing what you can live without becomes an essential skill

Mick Smart, age: 32, was injured falling down a retaining wall as a work-for-the-dole contractor. Now suffers chronic pain and mobility issues and is unable to find work. “I have been with multiple job agencies for three years and not even once have we discussed a potential job. My life is full of seemingly endless and ultimately pointless appointments, and every fortnight comes with a reminder of “mutual” obligation activities – volunteering, mandatory job searches, bogus training programs – all with an assessed work capacity that seems to disregard my medical condition.

It is not welfare: addressing misconceptions of the NDIS

When Phillip, who works full-time, became a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme, he received a new prosthetic leg and modifications to his home and car to increase his independence. He is one of thousands in the ACT who had never received any type of disability services or support before the NDIS.

NSW commits to full-scheme NDIS, but advocacy concerns remain

New South Wales has become the first state to officially sign up to the full roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, but concerns have been raised the deal may see disability advocacy funding “thrown out with the bathwater”.

Royal Commission needed to look at abuse of disabled

In NSW there were 1087 cases of assaults on people living with disability in group accommodation reported to the state ombudsman since 2014. Children with disability are at least three times more likely to experience abuse than other children. Frighteningly, over 90% of women with an intellectual disability have been victims of sexual assault. We have not done enough to combat the discrimination that many of these people face when their claims are finally heard in our judicial system.