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Auditor stands up to disability agency

“The NDIA had not established efficient or effective processes for internally reviewing access decisions,” the Auditor-General said.

Notes on banking accessibility

Australians may notice a new blue and gold addition to their wallets in the coming weeks as the Reserve Bank of Australia circulates the new $A10 note. And if you can’t see the new note you will definitely be able to feel it.

Parents of child with severe autism say they will relinquish him unless given more support

The parents have asked – and the doctor recommends – ­ the National Disability Insurance Agency increase funding to provide support carers eight hours a day as well as an extension to the family home so the child can be kept separate from the other five siblings giving everyone a much needed respite. Otherwise, they say they will be forced to relinquish him to state care.

Productivity Commission lukewarm on NDIS implementation

It also finds the NDIA’s approach to setting price caps to date has “hindered market development” by discouraging the provision of some disability supports. In some cases, this has “led to poor participant outcomes, especially for those with complex needs.” That’s policy speak for ‘has made life harder than necessary for people with a disability’.

Not-for-profit first to trial new GPS technology

For the next eight months, Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station will be running a pilot program using existing beacon and GPS technology to connect to a navigation app on a blind person’s smartphone so they can be provided with audible directions in public spaces.

Productivity Commission reinforces concerns about rushed NDIS rollout

The ambitious timetable, which the federal government has no plans to extend, has led to the personalised support planning process being done quickly over the phone by staff with limited expertise due to its being outsourced. The goal is to get as many people on NDIS as possible, then worry about how well their needs are being met later.

Doubts NDIS timeline can be met– Productivity Commission

The scale, pace and nature of the changes occurring with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are key long-term concerns with doubts that the current implementation timeline can be met, according to the most extensive study into the scheme by the Productivity Commission.