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Major Changes to the New Price Guide

The NDIA have just released “Version 1.1” of the 2019/20 Price Guide with a note that it is subject to change. Here’s what’s been changed and clarified:

‘Overwhelming sense of powerlessness’ strikes Victoria’s most vulnerable

Vulnerable people have had their possessions sent to the tip, lost thousands of dollars in welfare entitlements and unwittingly paid other people’s fines because of “systemic” failures within State Trustees, the Victorian ombudsman has found.

Report highlights deep-rooted inequality in NDIS

Males and people with higher incomes are more likely to benefit from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) than other demographic groups are, according to a new report.

The Fine Print & Corrections in the New Price Guide

The new Price Guide release has been a bit like a dating experience. On the first date on Tuesday, the first impressions were great – some big price increases where they were sorely needed, a lot of long standing questions answered and some complex rules were simplified. NDIS news was excited. But the honeymoon period ended quickly – over the last week of getting to know this new guide, they’ve started to uncover some details we overlooked in our initial excitement. And it looks like they weren’t the only ones: the NDIA have already issued corrections to the initial release.

Faster Support for Children on NDIS Plans

A push to decrease waiting times for children in the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been welcomed by advocates who warn there’s still a lot to do.

Narina Carter’s rare disease causes her disability, but NDIS says no to funding

Narina Carter suffers from a rare genetic condition which causes her body to create faulty collagen.The condition — Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, or Ehrler’s-Danlos Syndrome — makes even the simplest of tasks, like doing the dishes, a challenge. Yet when she applied for help from the National Disability Insurance Scheme she was rejected.

NDIS fraud allegations surge as 25 operators kicked off scheme

Allegations of fraud within the national disability insurance scheme have surged dramatically, according to a new report that also reveals 25 dodgy former childcare operators will be booted from the scheme.

Disability Reform Council; Council of Australian Governments

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Disability Reform Council (the Council) held its first formal meeting for 2019 on 28th June at the Gold Coast, Queensland. The Council resolved a number of long-standing issues, including the interaction of the NDIS with the health system and how the NDIS will support families with children who are … Continued

The ‘diversity trend’ taking over global offices

Just one in three Australian businesses hire people with a disability, despite most claiming they were willing to do so, according to a study of over 1200 businesses by the Department of Social Services.

Tom Mangan, General Manager – Workforce Solutions at Community Solutions, said that as a Disability Employment Services his team are always working to overcome these barriers.

Victoria secures NDIS funding certainty

Victoria has settled a bitter feud with the Commonwealth over National Disability Insurance Scheme funding after signing a long-term agreement with the federal government.