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Backlash grows over ‘independent assessments’ plan for disability scheme

Coalition says NDIS change is ‘streamlining’ but critics say it is cost-cutting exercise The changes have sparked widespread backlash, including from a coalition of 25 disability advocacy groups which this week called for the plan to be scrapped.

Why we need a Disney princess with a disability

When children can’t and don’t see themselves and the possibilities of their lives, joy and dreams in what they watch, read and play with, it’s like a black hole gets torn inside them. 

Support workers say information vacuum surrounds vaccinations

Many of the workers who’re caring for people with disability have been waiting for news about when they might be able to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Some say they’re worried they’re going to miss out because of what they describe as an “information vacuum”. It’s particularly a problem for the carers who are independent contractors … getting their work through Uber-style apps.. with limited contact with disability service providers.

Are AAT rulings precedent setting?

‘In respect of AAT cases, of course they are not precedent setting; they are individual cases relevant specifically to the facts of the particular matter, unlike Federal Court cases…’

5 Questions That Help Define The Outlines Of Disability Advocacy

There is a lot of natural variation in the large and diverse disabled population, and many different opinions among the smaller core of committed disability activists. But there are some beliefs, positions, and mindsets that shape the community of individuals and organizations loosely referred to as “Disability Activism.” Broadly speaking, disability activism seeks to fix society’s ableism, not fix disabled people’s disabilities. That gives disability activism it’s most essential and distinct shape and dimension.

More Support For Victorians With Disability

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke Donnellan today awarded more than $1.6 million for advocacy funding, to help Victorians with disability and their families continue to access timely and targeted advocacy support when they need it.

Landmark report aims to ‘revolutionise’ lives of 4 million Australians living with disabilities

One of the “most significant reports” ever released by Victoria’s Office of the Public Advocate will recommend that every person entering Australian prisons be screened for cognitive disabilities – a move it says will trigger support for thousands of at-risk people, reduce recidivism rates and, ultimately, change the justice system forever.

Independent assessment panel announced

The panel of eight experienced organisations has Australia-wide coverage to ensure that new and existing participants, irrespective of their circumstances or where they live, will have access to the free assessments to receive supports through the NDIS. The Agency has completed a formal and thorough open tender process to find the right organisations to deliver independent assessments, selected for their capability, experience and expertise.