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Disabled talent drive innovation, shareholder value and business performance

While Prue Hawkins was busy establishing her law firm, on the other side of the world, disability activist Caroline Casey was launching a global movement. She had one goal — to get 500 of the world’s biggest businesses to employ more people with disabilities.

What to do if you doubt what a disabled person says

Still, it’s insulting and discriminatory to grill a disabled person on their personal life, treat them like a potential con artist, or prevent their equal access — just because you’re a little suspicious of them, or because you have certain views about disability claims in general.

Scheme Sustainability – Something doesn’t add up

For a Scheme that was introduced to give effect to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, there’s very little discussion in the sustainability space about the value attached to human rights. How much value do disabled people attach to accessing bathrooms, buildings and workplaces? Where’s the modelling on sustainability based on what disabled people value?

NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds says rules to be redrafted amid backlash over participant plans power grab

Dr Gauntlett said the bill as proposed did not contain “sufficient safeguards” for participants, particularly as some were among the most vulnerable members of society.  He said the government needed to explain what was meant by a “minor or technical” amendment, which is among the list of scenarios where a plan can be changed.

Why there are calls for employment and advertising quotas for the disabled

A former disability discrimination commissioner says Australia needs to introduce employment quotas for those who are disabled. Graeme Innes AM told Tom Elliott it was the only thing that would work when it comes to inclusion. “We have been employed at a rate 30 per cent less than the general population, so 52 or 52 per cent, and that has not changed for three decades,” he said.

Call for more people with disabilities on TV

Television and advertising should lift the numbers of people with disabilities if Australia hopes to increase employment numbers, a Royal Commission has been told.  53.4% of people living with disabilities are unemployed in Australia, a figure which hasn’t lifted in decades.

Sneak Preview! NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The Framework applies to any worker funded under the NDIS and translates the NDIS Principles, Practice Standards, and Code of Conduct into observable behaviours that service providers and workers should demonstrate when delivering services to people with a disability. The Framework provides a common language to describe “what good looks like.”

A love letter to my disability, Myalgic encephalomyelitis

Although we’ve had to grieve my past self and career plans, you’ve freed me from the weight of my own expectations about who and what I should be. You’ve helped me become braver than I ever imagined. I’ve faced down institutional discrimination while fighting for the disability supports I desperately need. These battles have taught me more about advocacy than law school ever did.

What’s going on with restrictive practices?

Of the 1,044,851 reportable incidents lodged by NDIS providers in 2020–2021, a whopping 98.7%, (or 1,032,064) concerned the use of URPs. (Unauthorised Restrictive Practice) That is a staggeringly high number no matter how you look at it. It’s surely not possible for even the most well-resourced organisation to review and consider each one of these incidents.

NDIS creates $52 billion economic boost

Underfunding the National Disability Insurance Scheme could cost thousands of Australian jobs and reduce the nation’s GDP, according to new modelling that shows a $2.25 benefit to the economy for every dollar spent on the scheme.