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Not everyone with a disability wants a cure – nor should we expect them to

Sunday is International Day of People with a Disability, and its themeis “transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”. People with disabilities are a diverse bunch – many of us want to see cures for our conditions, and many don’t – but what we all want is quality of life here and now.

Standardised tests limit students with disability

A major challenge in assessment is how to obtain evidence about learning from students with disability. We cannot know how these students are faring with their learning if assessments or tests are structured in ways that create barriers for them. We would not expect a student who is blind, for example, to complete a paper and pencil test.

Why do employers need to know about my disability?’

“I WANT to be like a normal citizen and work hard – I don’t want to be on Centrelink.” David McNae has been out of work for the best part of four years. He was unemployed for three years before getting a job late last year to only be laid off in July. He has spent the past four months trying to find work only to come up short – and he has an idea why.

Make art a priority in your NDIS plan

‘A disability perspective is important to the evolution of the arts and arts practice. It is platform for experimentation, multiple narratives, new ways of working. Disability exposes another aspect of the lived human experience and it deepens the richness of artistic and creative language; the arts are lesser without it,’ Mellis said.

Mum of disabled girl demands Mayor Kris Pavlidis’ resignation

Former Whittlesea councillor Christine Stow has called for the resignation of Mayor Kris Pavlidis after she was snapped parking in a designated disabled spot while attending the launch of a cafe for people with intellectual disabilities.