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NDIS supports participants with dysphagia

The Australian Government and state and territory governments have agreed interim solutions to ensure people with dysphagia do not fall through cracks between mainstream health systems and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

NDIA announces “Very Complex Needs” pricing tier

The NDIA will today announce a new pricing tier for self-care, social and recreational support for Participants with “very complex” support needs.  The long overdue new loading will be set at 10.3% and will be effective from February 2019. The Australian has reported that around 10% of Participants will be funded for supports at this level. 

International disability rights and the dilemma of domestic courts

Law plays an important role in tackling this inequality and exclusion. For the past decade, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Disability Convention) – an instrument of international law – has been both a catalyst and guide for legislative reform enhancing the equality and inclusion of disabled people. To what extent, though, is this Disability Convention influencing domestic case law?

SIL quoting: the chicken, the egg or just a plain mess

If you are a person wanting 24 hour support for personal care, mobility support, health and well-being, and a vastly improved living situation, you would certainly care which came first- the SIL quote or having SIL in your Plan?

NDIS service providers cautious over complex needs pricing shake-up

A pricing-arrangement shake up for National Disability Insurance Scheme service providers working with people with complex needs has been met with caution by some providers who say all the details haven’t been made clear.

NDIS’ great bot hope Nadia takes more time off for stress leave

The National Disability and Insurance Agency has sought to blame immature automated speech recognition technology for ongoing delays hitting it’s much hyped its AI-powered virtual assistant, dubbed Nadia.

NDIA under pressure after funding for ‘life-threatening’ condition axed

In September, the Flemmings lost NDIS funding for speech therapy to help with Tanisha’s swallowing after only six months of treatment, which her mother and her specialist say is vital to help keep her safe and give her a decent quality of life.

Report says NDIS at risk of failing

Almost three quarters of NDIS service providers do not think the NDIS is working well, according to a report which says the scheme is at risk of failing to deliver on its “great promise” to Australians with disability. The 2018 State of the Disability Sector Report, which surveyed 626 providers around Australia, reflects growing levels of uncertainty about the current environment.

Equally true narratives behind National Disability Insurance Scheme

This was the moment the conference heard from the Queensland representatives of the National Disability Insurance Scheme about how the scheme was going in that state. They presented a remarkably optimistic and positive picture about its initial implementation, admitting there’d been a few issues and problems accompanying the initial rollout of the scheme. Nevertheless, the manager insisted, self-reported satisfaction rates were well above 80 per cent. Then the questions began, politely at first, but quickly taking on an edge of disbelief and anger.

Australians with disability twice as likely to be evicted without cause

A report by Choice, National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) examined the consumer experience of renting in Australia, and found renters with disability faced a range of barriers that prevented them getting into or staying securely in rental accommodation.