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NDIS ‘like a half-built plane’

The minister responsible for the NDIS has compared it to a plane taking off while still being built and admits the scheme is not always living up to expectations.

NDIS Minister announces review of pricing following industry angst

There’s growing angst about the financial viability of Australia’s disability service providers, with 75 per cent saying they can’t continue offering services under the current pricing regime. The minister responsible has wasted no time in responding to the concerns, saying he’ll announce a review of the pricing system today.

Melbourne carer jailed for sexual assaults

A Melbourne disability carer sexually assaulted two intellectually disabled women in his care within an hour, telling one of them not to say anything or he would lose his job.

Core & Capacity Building budgets to be flexible from 1 July

Minister Stuart Robert fronted the National Press Club this afternoon, announcing a plan to deliver the final 20% of the NDIS and “set it up for future success.” The proposed plan has 6 “swim lanes”. These are…

NDIS minister gets CEO Martin Hoffman a payrise

The public servant leading the National Disability Insurance Agency will receive a pay rise following requests from the minister to the Remuneration Tribunal. NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman will take home an additional fixed loading of $166,260 per year until November 2022, on top of his $554,220 salary. 

Disabled and with IQ of 50, one man seems destined for juvenile detention

Children’s Court president Judge Amanda Chambers has lashed out at the Department of Health and Human Services for leaving her with little option but to send a profoundly disabled young man – who may not understand what he has done wrong – to juvenile detention.

EAC’s 100 day plan for the new NDIA CEO

We know you have only just got your feet under the desk but you are about to find out that all the folks working at the NDIA have to do a 100 day plan to guide their work. we have put pen to paper and come up with a few ideas to help you get started on your plan. We have built this to-do list based on feedback from thousands of NDIS participants and their families. People who REALLY want the NDIS to work and are doing everything they can at their end to make that happen.