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‘Outrageous’ wait times to be tackled in new government review into the NDIS

Executive Officer of the South West Advocacy Association, Adele Markwell, is somewhat sceptical about the review. “I was rapt when I heard this was happening, but in saying that lots of reviews happen and not much comes out of it,” she said. “It’s outrageous the amount of time people are waiting to get what they need.”

Labor’s Libby Coker has joined disability groups in criticising a federal government review of the NDIS, which is not due to report back until the middle of next year. The government says the review is aimed at cutting red tape and streamlining the application process. Disability groups, however, say the review will only add to delays and there are steps that can be taken immediately.

If You’re an Adult Who’s Still Nervous About Talking to People With Disabilities

Lots of people go about their lives never getting to know a person with a disability (that they know of). Then when someone turns up in your workplace, school or church who has a visible disability, all that fear and miseducation keeps you from seeing them as a person to whom they can introduce themselves and strike up a friendship.

Disabled women are being constantly groped without their consent – even by people who think they are helping

As a criminologist, I have been researching hate crime and sexual violence for the last 15 years. The emergence of the #MeToo movement and wider efforts to tackle street harassment have been an exciting opportunity to tackle abuse against women. However, the experiences of disabled women have often been missing from public debate and policy.

Seeing double to improve inclusivity in the classroom: new research

Well-intentioned people are failing to see the entire child and that child’s immense potential because they see the child’s disability first, according to an inclusive education researcher.

Workplace adjustments in best-practice organisations

The Centre for Workplace Leadership, in consultation with the Australian Network on Disability, examined ‘best-practice’ organisations in Australia to understand how they utilised workplace adjustments towards the inclusion of people with disability in the workplace.

NDIA staffing is elephant in room

“At the heart of problems in the NDIA is an artificial staffing cap which means there are not enough people to deliver for participants. We need more people working on these plans: It’s as simple as that. Participants rightly ask to have their plans reviewed but due to the staffing cap there aren’t enough reviewers. By the time this gets sorted- if it gets sorted- the 12 months on a plan has expired and we are back to the beginning. Enough is enough.

Coalition moves to reset confidence in NDIS

“We are listening, and will be consulting with people with disability and their families, the disability services sector, ministers and officials from Commonwealth and state governments and the NDIA as part of this review.”

Disability groups call for better quality plans in NDIS review

The Morrison government’s review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme must focus on improving the quality of plans, and not just on cutting wait times and red tape, disability advocates say.

NDIS review to cut red tape and wait times

David Tune AO PSM has been appointed to conduct a review of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) legislation and rules, which in turn will inform the development of the Morrison Government’s promised NDIS Participant Service Guarantee. Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, said the review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 will focus on streamlining NDIS processes.