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‘Material changes’ needed to NDIS independent assessments

Commissioner Ben Gauntlett told a Senate estimates hearing the Australian Human Rights Commission had concerns the new policy “might undermine the effectiveness of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and not have the intended effect, particularly for individuals with complex support needs”.

Carly Findlay calls for more disabled people in leadership

“We have seen the benefits of working from home, as well as the accessibility of online events,” Carly tells The CEO Magazine. “For many people – especially disabled people – events and art going online because of the pandemic has been the first time they’ve had access to it. We have seen accessibility created because non-disabled people have required it, yet disabled people have been calling for these provisions for many years.”

I was perfect for the job, but I couldn’t even get into the building. Here’s why

You’ve already been told by your potential employer that your resumé is the best they have ever seen. The employer has every intention of giving you the job. The interview is just a formality. But, when you arrive for the interview, you find yourself unable to enter the building. Because of this, no matter how perfect you are for the position, you won’t get the job.

NDIS assessments: ombudsman warns against rushing changes

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry which is examining what some call the biggest change to the scheme since it began, the ombudsman, Michael Manthorpe, did not comment on the merits of the policy itself. But, in a warning about the speed of the change, Manthorpe noted: “The breadth of changes being introduced in a relatively short timeframe may present a challenge for the [agency], its partners and for participants, carers, advocates and service providers.

Hospital Ins & Outs for Support Coordinators

Hospital admissions for NDIS Participants can mean a challenging game of ‘who is doing what’ when considering the Support Coordination role, the Participant, the State- or Territory-funded health supports, and inpatient clinical teams.

NDIS architect Bruce Bonyhady urges rethink of independent assessments

Former National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) chairman Bruce Bonyhady says the government needs to “go back to the drawing board”, describing as “robo-planning” the new independent assessment model being introduced this year.

Disability groups fight for QLD advocacy funding

The Queensland government currently provides $4.9 million to fund independent disability advocacy services, but funding is set to end on 30 June with no further commitment on offer.

NDS calls for rollout of compulsory NDIS assessments to cease

“This is not the NDIS that was promised”: peak body National Disability Services says planned independent assessments will “fundamentally alter the individualised and personalised nature of the NDIS”.

We die in disproportionate numbers: disabled people on disasters

In moves to address climate change, many of us make assumptions about how to make a difference. Stop using straws, get rid of packaging, use less air-conditioning. But what if that straw makes the difference between being able to drink or not, you rely on packaged, pre-cut fruit because you’re unable to cut it yourself, if air-con is essential for your ability to function.