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Equally true narratives behind National Disability Insurance Scheme

This was the moment the conference heard from the Queensland representatives of the National Disability Insurance Scheme about how the scheme was going in that state. They presented a remarkably optimistic and positive picture about its initial implementation, admitting there’d been a few issues and problems accompanying the initial rollout of the scheme. Nevertheless, the manager insisted, self-reported satisfaction rates were well above 80 per cent. Then the questions began, politely at first, but quickly taking on an edge of disbelief and anger.

Australians with disability twice as likely to be evicted without cause

A report by Choice, National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) examined the consumer experience of renting in Australia, and found renters with disability faced a range of barriers that prevented them getting into or staying securely in rental accommodation.  

Funding cuts to disability communication service a ‘smack in the face’

State government funding cuts to a South Australian service helping people with disability access the legal system will leave vulnerable people without a voice in police interviews or court, a disability advocates warn.  “This state has seen what happens when vulnerable people cannot give evidence.  We know that cases against alleged paedophiles and other abusers will collapse and offenders go free,” he said.

Can Support Coordinators attend plan review meetings?

recent update to the Provider Toolkit has made it clear that the NDIA expects that Support Coordination funding is not to be used to attend plan meetings. The logic here is that the NDIA sees attendance at plan review meetings as advocacy, which is a DSS funding responsibility. Support Coordinators are still free to attend the meetings (if invited by the Participant) but the Participant’s NDIS funds should not be used to pay for the Support Coordinator’s time.

Putting disability and leadership in the same sentence

When disability advocate and entrepreneur, Christina Ryan, realised workplace programs helping people with disability into leadership roles were non-existent, she got angry. And then she started the Disability Leadership Institute, an enterprise that coaches, trains and supports people with disability into decision making and leadership roles.

Disability Pride – a movement whose time has come?

Disability” and “pride” are two words you wouldn’t usually see next to each other, and that’s something the organisers of New Zealand’s annual Disability Pride Week want to change. Rachel Noble is deaf and one of the founders of Disability Pride Week, now in its third year and expanding beyond Wellington for the first time. She says the idea grew from a long-standing desire for disabled people to have a stronger collective voice.

Young Australians growing more concerned with mental health

The number of young people that believe mental health is the top issue facing Australia today has almost tripled in three years, according to Mission Australia’s latest national youth survey.

Victorian community sector celebrates Andrews government re-election

Victorian community and advocacy groups across the board have welcomed the state election result, but say they will fight to ensure the re-elected Andrews government delivers good outcomes for vulnerable Victorians.  

Core Supports Precedent set at AAT

Part 2 of a series that delves into PM* v the NDIA, the nearly all encompassing Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) case that attempts to resolve controversial issues in the NDIS.