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Disability Advocacy Group Fights to Restore State Funding

One of Australia’s oldest disability advocacy groups is set to have its funding cut next year by the New South Wales government, with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme meaning that disability advocacy services will no longer be funded by the state.

Plan Management 101

In this article, Evie answers some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Plan Management.

Clarifying the SDA Classification Confusion

As more people slowly gain confidence in the potential to deliver SDA and start to design and even build, a new source of potential confusion is emerging around gaining a building classification. In this technical SDA article we will explore what classification is all about and what it means when considering delivery of SDA.

People with disability to be included in VET training

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee meeting has launched a project to help employers and educators include people with disability in work and vocational education and training.

Mainstream Schools Discourage Inclusion of Students with Disability

A national survey of students with disability has revealed more than 70 per cent of students have experienced instances where their enrolment and inclusive participation in mainstream schools has been discouraged.

Jeremy the Dud: the new short film that flips disability on its head

The PC term for Jeremy is “without specialty” but the colloquial slur is “dud”. He wears a lanyard that announces to the rest of the world that he is in the minority – “not special” – in an alternate universe in which disability is the norm.