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States urged to be ‘big-hearted’, fund all disability services

States and territories have been urged to be “big-hearted” and ring-fence money not just for the $22 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme but also for local programs slated for closure, amid fears the world-leading project will fail without them.

Disability rights in Australian prisons

Kriti Sharma, a disability researcher at Human Rights Watch, joined Chris Mason to discuss the current situation for disabled prisoners in Australia.

Calls to overhaul NDIS to better accommodate indigenous Australians

A First Peoples advocacy group has called for an overhaul of the National Disability Insurance Scheme to better accommodate Indigenous people, after a study found ill-health and disability were driving psychological distress in older Indigenous Australians.

Government scrambles to respond to growing queue for home-care packages

Last April, Ms Raulli was assessed as needing a level four home-care package — the highest level available. She is still waiting. And she is not alone. The latest figures reveal there are now 101,508 people in the queue for appropriate home-care packages.

Too many children are excluded from the school system

Nearly a million Victorian children returned to school last week. But thousands did not. Exclusion is a cruel yet quietly accepted component of our education system.

Tracy Roberts cannot leave the house on her own but her plea for a motorised wheelchair and support goes unheeded

The 33-year-old single mother cannot leave the house on her own because she doesn’t have the strength or stamina to maneuver her borrowed wheelchair, which is too small and leaves her in constant pain, and she desperately needs a motorised wheelchair to give her some independence.

 But the NDIS has declared she is not disabled and is ineligible for a wheelchair and the support services she previously relied on.