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Inclusion the key to improved health for people with a disability

Australians with a disability are less likely to exercise, more likely to eat poorly, report feeling unsafe and unhappy in their own neighbourhoods, and experience worse physical and mental health and less satisfying lives as a result.

Petrol from the NDIS? The tribunal case that changes how we look at transport

Transport and the NDIS is an issue so widely discussed that if it wasn’t so damn important we would all be thoroughly sick of it by now. Luckily, the latest case off the shelf, SE* v the NDIS, is actually completely different to anything we have seen in the transport space before. Fasten your seatbelts, because this is a big one.

It’s designers who can make gaming more accessible for people living with disabilities

If you’ve been following recent buzz in the gaming industry, you might be under the impression that video games are more accessible than they’ve ever been. Popular talking points include how video game audiences are increasingly large and diverse.

But despite the celebratory discourse around gaming’s increased accessibility, serious efforts to make gaming accessible to people living with disability remain rare.

NDIS rollout completed in Victoria

More than 7,850 Victorians living with disability will start receiving services from the NDIS as it rolls into Goulburn, Mallee and Outer Gippsland.