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Disability home CEO faces royal commission

Life Without Barriers chief executive Claire Robbs began her evidence by publicly apologising to the resident – known by the pseudonym Sophie – but said she did not escalate the incident to board level as it did not occur while in the organisation’s care.

NDIS provider apologises to group home residents after allegations of violence and neglect

One of Australia’s largest national disability insurance scheme providers has apologised to the residents of two troubled group homes after allegations of violence, abuse and neglect were aired at an inquiry.  Life Without Barriers charged residents at a Victoria home a substantial proportion of their disability pension for “rent” despite the property being leased on a peppercorn deal of $1 a month.

Why unconscious bias is not corporate jargon, but a reality for people with disability

Compassion and understanding are vital skills for those working with disabled colleagues or colleagues with pre-existing conditions, because our lives and daily decision-making can look very different to a person without that lived experience. As a Grattan Institute report recently found, more than 40 per cent of Australians have a disability or chronic illness – so chances are you’re either like me, or you’ll be working with someone like me!

‘It was magical’ – meet the first disabled crew to fly in zero-gravity

Becoming an astronaut is out of reach for most people. But could the tough selection process be doing more harm than good? New space firm, Mission Astro Access, wants to challenge the perception that space travel is only for those who meet specific physical criteria, and has sent its first disabled crew on a zero-gravity flight.

New Advocate To Shape More Accessible Transport Network

The Andrews Labor Government has created a new Chief Accessibility Advocate role to provide advice and help improve accessibility across the Victorian transport network. Tricia Malowney OAM has been appointed in the new role. In addition, Liz Ellis has been appointed to the role of chair of the Accessible Transport Advisory Committee, with two new committee members, Melissa Hale and Martin Stewart, as well as the reappointment of Mark Tomkins.

Legal challenges against NDIA decisions more than triple in five months

These appeals generally mean a person with disability has seen their funding package cut, a requested support has been denied or the agency has rejected their claim to join the scheme. Rachael Thompson, an advocate at the Rights Information Advocacy Centre, said there was total confusion in the community. “No one knows what’s going on,” Thompson said. “It’s seeming the NDIA are just choosing to ignore the recommendations from treating professionals, and only funding a quarter or half of what they’re requesting. People are being given explanations like, ‘It’s not value for money,’ [or] ‘We don’t have enough evidence.’”

Father of severely disabled woman dies, NDIA tells 86-year-old grandmother to look after her

Disability Advocacy Network Australia CEO Mary Mallett labelled the NDIA’s decision to deny Laura funding for supported accommodation as unfair.  “It isn’t fair and … it is completely inappropriate that an 86-year-old grandmother should be expected to pick up the burden,” Ms Mallett said.

NDIS sees increase in appeals

The NDIS is seeing an increase in appeals against its funding decisions with people having their plans cut after the government found the scheme unsustainable.

Terminally ill NDIS participant facing re-hospitalisation after funding cut for 24-hour nurse

“My particular concern is that I have a ‘deadline’ of around mid-January when the nursing funding runs out, at which point in the worst case I would have to go to ICU and wait for it to be resolved,” Haywood said.

‘We think it is reasonable for him to stay home – it’s cheaper for them if he dies’, says his partner

Clarification on NDIS AAT applications

The NDIA would like to clarify discussion around the number of Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) applications. The number of applications has remained steady as a proportion of the overall number of participants in the Scheme at between 0.43 and 0.45% since 2017-18 (to 30 June 2021).

A fierce advocate for disability rights

Samantha Connor has a strong track record as a disability and human rights advocate and is a passionate believer that disabled people have the right to be unapologetic in taking up space in the world. She is this week’s Changemaker.

New national disability strategy unveiled

The release of Australia’s new national disability strategy has been warmly welcomed by disability advocates, who say the plan is truly representative of the voices of people with disability.