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Deep scars from abuse in disability homes

“My daughter is fearful of everything, she’s had so much abuse,” the mother, referred to as Ms G, told a hearing in Melbourne on Monday. “She didn’t ask to be born with the problems she’s got, but as a result of what she’s been through in the system, she is a very damaged person.”

Teaching your child about disability and difference

Every time I step foot outside my door, I steel myself for public reactions. It’s natural to stare. Having a visible facial difference (along with multiple disabilities) means prying eyes and a constant stream of comments and questions.

No outrage over disability restraints use

Dr Spivakovsky questioned the lack of public outrage over the use of what many researchers and activists call “disability-specific lawful violence”.

Disabled voices heard at royal commission

“I have found the move into supported accommodation resulted in extreme loss of control of my life,” Dr Gibilisco told the disability royal commission on Monday. “I have found it to be a loss to my way of life in a personal and social sense.”

Ambulance Victoria partners with Vision Australia to better engage with the blind and low vision community

Ambulance Victoria staff will be more identifiable by people who are blind or have low vision, thanks to a new accessibility initiative. Ambulance Victoria is providing all paramedics with braille stickers that will adhere to their ID cards. The stickers read “Ambulance” on one line and “0” “0” “0” (Triple Zero) on the line below.

Medicos dismissing concerns of intellectually disabled people

Experts are shining new light on the reasons why so many Australians with intellectual disabilities are dying from potentially avoidable deaths at a young age. Those living with an intellectual disability say it’s not uncommon for doctors to dismiss their concerns or even ignore them all together.

To really fix Victoria’s mental health system, we’ll need to bridge the state/Commonwealth divide

The Victorian government has pledged to adopt all recommendations made in the interim report of the state’s mental health royal commission. But achieving broad system change will require streamlining state and Commonwealth responsibilities, away from the current model where blurred lines see many people falling through the cracks. 

Alliance forms to fight for inclusive Australia

The index, released by the newly formed Inclusive Australia, found that one in four Australians had experienced a major form of discrimination, such as being overlooked for a job or discouraged from continuing education within the last two years.

Services Australia reveals cloud push for NDIS workloads

The National Disability Insurance Agency has revealed it will adopt an integrated cloud platform to deliver additional business capabilities for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Innovation Plan

Last month the NDIA released two key documents that will guide the future of the Specialist Disability Accommodation (“SDA”) market in Australia. One of these documents was the NDIS Innovation Plan. To assist those that are looking to develop, operate or reside in SDA dwellings, we set out below the key features of the NDIS Innovation Plan that you should be aware of.

Interim report labels NDIS ‘concerning’, calls for ‘urgent action’

The report outlines 14 recommendations, several of which focus on NDIS planning timelines and the participant’s involvement in the drafting process. It also calls for extra training for NDIA staff, to increase their awareness and familiarity with all types of disability. But for many disability advocates and people with disability, the recommendations don’t go far enough.

What happened to the NDIS?

It’s hard to look at a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about some kind of catastrophe with the NDIS. From people missing out, to concerns over budget blowouts, it seems like the scheme is fraught with problems.