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NDIS struggling to accommodate people with psychosocial disability

People with severe mental health issues are having their National Disability Insurance Scheme funding cut because the system does not account for the episodic nature of psychosocial disability, a new report says. 

Report released on NDIS failures for people with mental illness

The state’s chief mental health group has seized upon a report which shows the National Disability Insurance Scheme is failing a high proportion of people with serious mental illnesses.

Making Australia’s most liveable city more inclusive

Melbourne is a great city to live in, but it can do better for people with a disability by making it more accessible and inclusive. “One day, I’d love to not have to think about accessibility. Every building, event and public transport option in Melbourne would be wheelchair accessible and I could simply go about my day like everyone else, not having to plan my day around accessibility.”

Accessible $20 note set to hit Australian wallets

For the average person, paying for your lunch with a $20 note might not seem like a big deal. But for a person with vision loss, it can be a stressful and time-consuming ordeal. 

Running the NDIS

As a royal commission into disability care begins, it emerges that key emails relating to the NDIS are held on a private bank server and cannot be accessed.

Fact check: are Victoria’s DHHS staff being transferred to federal agencies?

The department held an all-staff forum last week to update employees on the ongoing changes occurring as part of the NDIS. Employees already working in the disability sector would be transferred to other agencies and non-government providers, not federal agencies.

NDIS underspend ‘proof’ it isn’t working

Every Australian Counts director Kirsten Deane said problems with the scheme were to blame for what the government called a lack of demand and slow uptake.

Why much of the internet is closed off to blind people

As our everyday world moves increasingly online, the digital landscape presents new challenges for ensuring accessibility for the blind. A recent court challenge against Domino’s pizza may be a watershed case guiding the rights of disabled people on the internet. 

After 12 months, NDIS commission still hasn’t answered family’s questions about son’s bruises

In October 2018, the family of a severely disabled man became so concerned about bruises he was suffering while living in full-time care that they asked for them to be investigated. Almost a year later, the Donaldsons are still waiting for a finding into what happened to Sam Donaldson, who is 33, non-verbal, and, due to his mental disability and severe autism, functions more like a three-year-old.

New NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue effective 1 October 2019

The most substantial changes relate to the introduction of Disability-Related Health Supports, resulting from a COAG agreement announced in June. More than 90 disability-related health supports will be funded under the NDIS.