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NDIS data drop reveals severe employment gaps

Nearly half of all employed National Disability Insurance Scheme recipients over 25 are working for an Australian Disability Enterprise, while just 33 per cent are working in mainstream employment at full award wages, new data has revealed.

Minister delivers first round of NDIS data as part of new transparency agenda

Minister Robert said today’s data release will assist with informing and stimulating conversations about the disability sector which would not be possible without the participants, their families and carers that have been willing to share their experiences with the NDIS.

‘This will get messy’: Paralympian Kurt Fearnley’s royal commission warning

Disability groups, along with Labor and the Greens, are calling for the removal of commissioners John Ryan and Barbara Bennett due to to conflict-of-interest concerns. Despite growing community pressure, the Morrison government is standing by the appointments. “This will get messy before it has even started,” Mr Fearnley said. “I think it might be time to look out the window and see what the voices of people with disability are saying.”

Senate wants disability commissioners axed

The Senate has called for two disability royal commissioners to be dumped over potential conflict of interests stemming from their work as public servants.

Dylan Alcott launches campaign fighting barriers to work for people with disability

The Remove the Barrier campaign, launched by the Dylan Alcott Foundation on Tuesday, aims to remove the visible and invisible barriers that prevent people with disability from finding work.  Despite one in five people in Australia living with disability, only 54 per cent of people with disability have employment, with few initiatives in place to shift the statistic.        

Why the NDIS needs a pricing shake up

Researchers at the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) believe the scheme’s approach to price setting is too centralised and detached from the realities of service delivery. Their new report recommends giving local National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) offices the discretion to set prices.

New ‘radical history’ of disabled people’s movement ‘has lessons for today’

The launch of No Limits: The Disabled People’s Movement, A Radical History, took place last Friday (12 July), and was attended by its author, Judy Hunt, on the 40th anniversary of the death of her husband, Paul. It was Paul Hunt’s letter to the Guardian in 1972 which led to the formation of the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS), which itself was to play a crucial role in the development of the movement and what was later known as the social model of disability.