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Hiring people with disabilities: What you need to know

Most recruiting occurs from the perspective of the perceived ‘best available candidate’, according to Matt Little, CEO at CoAct.

Even in large organisations who implement implicit strategies to increase the representation of people with a disability, the ingrained HR policies and processes are designed to filter out less credentialed candidates, added Little.

Familiar faces remain in Labor’s shadow ministry ‘refresh’

Former opposition leader Bill Shorten has been appointed shadow minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Labor’s new-look shadow cabinet, while Andrew Leigh will continue to work with the charity sector as shadow assistant minister.

Can support coordinators assist people with appeals?

Choice and control. Sounds easy, huh? In Real Life, bloody challenging. The NDIA has a tricky job to implement choice and control for Participants, and at the same time heroically challenge the systemic barriers of inclusion that mean real choice and control does not yet exist for many people with disability. What’s an Agency to do?

Senator’s claim on NDIS agency is true

AAP FactCheck Investigation: Is there no evidence behind the staffing cap for the National Disability Insurance Agency? The Statement: “There’s no evidence behind the [NDIA] 3000 person staffing cap. They just said ‘oh that sounds like a good number.”  Greens senator and disability rights advocate Jordon Steele-John. May 28, 2019. The Verdict: True – The checkable claim is … Continued

Here’s what needs to happen to get the NDIS back on track

In one of his first official public remarks since being re-elected, Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged that addressing failures in the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) would be a priority for the new government.

Stuart Robert has assumed the role of minister for the NDIS and will be charged with delivering on this important agenda.

So what does the new minister need to do to get the NDIS back on track?

Just ask the question: Barriers to disability employment

One of the biggest barriers, when it came to employing people with disability, was hiring managers that believed employing someone with a disability would make their life too hard.

“We’ve got a lot of HR, diversity and inclusion professionals who are trying to implement unconscious bias training and diversity policies, but until hiring managers get themselves past this point of thinking a person with a disability is only going to make more work for them, we aren’t getting anywhere,” Kelly Schultz said.

People with disabilities in Australia are struggling to find appropriate housing

While the creation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has helped improve the care available for people with disabilities in Australia, experts say only a small percentage of recipients are eligible for accommodation under the scheme.

That’s left families and carers considering a range of solutions and not all of them are good.

UN: Focus on Civilians With Disabilities in Wartime

The inclusion of the need to protect civilians with disabilities in wartime in the United Nations secretary-general’s new report should help spur action by UN agencies and member states, Human Rights Watch said today.

Guardianship Reform Laws Pass Parliament

The biggest changes to Victoria’s guardianship and administration laws in more than 30 years have passed the Parliament thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

Minister for the NDIS included in Morrison’s new-look cabinet

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed the first ever dedicated minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, as part of a major cabinet reshuffle in wake of the federal election. Liberal MP Stuart Robert will enter cabinet as the minister for the NDIS after the scheme was taken out of the social services portfolio.

Here’s hoping PM’s ‘all Australians’ include the visually impaired

In Scott Morrison’s victory speech he said he would govern for “all Australians”. That statement gave many people with disability hope that they would have a stronger voice and that their needs would be given higher priority by the government in this parliamentary term.