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Five years on, NDIS is getting young people out of aged care, but all too slowly

Finding young people living in aged care and linking them to the NDIS is a vital first step to creating positive and real change in their lives. However, a lot more work needs to be done to ensure that the person‘s NDIS plan is adequate and that they have the capacity and the necessary housing and supports in place to exit residential aged care. A closer look at the detail of the plans allocated to younger people with disabilities in residential aged care suggests inadequate plans may be part of the problem.

‘He was returned to prison’: Detainees fall prey to NDIS process

The ACT Human Rights Commission says a man whose application for the NDIS was lodged more than a year before his release from prison ultimately returned to jail after the relevant agency failed to process his claim and left him in the community without the necessary supports.

Disability groups call for accessible ICT in public service workplaces

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has pledged to promote and monitor accessibility guidelines, after 25 disability groups jointly called for the procurement of accessible information and communications technology (ICT) in the Australian Public Service.

People with disabilities struggle to get equipment through NDIS

People with disabilities are bearing the brunt of the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s teething issues. Among them is access to assistive equipment, such as walking frames, wheelchairs and special software. Last week, the agency that administers the scheme, the NDIA, apologised to the family of a Tasmanian man who died while waiting for medical equipment.

Sunsuper faces legal action over alleged ‘improper’ payments for disability benefits

The former fruit picker and cleaner, who was injured at work in July 2016, is locked in a fight with Sunsuper, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds. She has accused them of failing to properly pay out her permanent disability claim, and compensation lawyers say she is one of many being put under severe financial stress by the organisation.

Private schools that misrepresent disability enrolments could face fraud charges

The government’s allocation of per-student disability funding came under fire from the Catholic school sector this week, with the Victorian director of the Catholic Education Commission, Stephen Elder, claiming independent schools were “raking in millions” from the scheme because of “subjective teacher assessments” of students.