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Victorian Budget ISP growth, a great step forward for people with disability

“Growth in ISP funding finally addresses the chronic shortage of services for people with disability and their families in this state. The Budget also contributes to the rollout and development of the most important social reform of our time, the NDIS. This is very welcome news for Victorians with disability and demonstrates the Victorian Government’s … Continued

Uber assists passengers with disability

Online car booking service Uber Australia has launched a new service that can accommodate passengers with folding wheelchairs, walkers and collapsible scooters, following consultation with the Not for Profit sector.

Disability housing crisis report

The NDIS advocacy Not for Profit, Every Australian Counts, has launched a report warning of a massive disability housing shortfall within the next five years.    

Snapshot a wake-up call on affordable, accessible housing

The 2015 Rental Affordability Snapshot, released today by Anglicare Australia confirms that the doors to affordable, accessible housing are closed for people with disability. According to the Snapshot, less than two per-cent of Australian rental properties are affordable for people with disability and in metropolitan areas the situation is even worse, with just 51 of … Continued

Thomas Banks and his quest for love

“PEOPLE like to generalise, and they like to put people with disabilities in a box,” says Thomas Banks. “And that’s really limiting, because I’ve never fitted in the box.” Larger than life and honest to a fault, Banks — who was born with cerebral palsy — is a familiar and ever-smiling face in Geelong, having carved a niche for himself as a passionate advocate for the region’s disabled and gay communities.

Human Rights Commission grants Disability Enterprises interim exemption

In response to the Government’s application for both an interim and temporary exemption for the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) from elements of the Disability Discrimination Act, the Australian Human Rights Commission has today granted an interim exemption for Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) using the tool.  

Open Drum: we need a radical rethink on disability

As I leave the disabled bathroom behind, a mother glares at me. “You shouldn’t be using that,” she says. “That’s for disabled people only.” When this happens, as it regularly does, I always feel torn. On the one hand, I’m grateful that someone has thought about the disabled members of our community. They are trying … Continued

Disability housing shortage ‘dire’

People with disabilities are suffering due to a “dire shortage” of housing options, according to National Disability Services Victoria manager James O’Brien. “We have an urgent need for government action to ensure there are adequate options,” he said.

Elderly parents forced to act

Fed up with a lack of support from state and federal governments, a group of Bendigo parents and carers of adults with disabilities has taken matters into their own hands and decided to build an independent care facility. The group, called Quality Living Options, is made up of about 50 Bendigo families.