Positions Vacant

ABC Storytelling Scholarship

Closing date: February 15, 2018

ABC Regional is seeking to champion emerging voices in the disability community in rural and regional Australia. This is an early career opportunity for someone with a lived experience of disability and an interest in telling factual stories that connect with Australians.

Calling Every Australian Counts Champions

Those with personal experience are the best people to speak about the NDIS. Your story has the power to change hearts and minds. That’s why five people with disability are being sought to act as Every Australian Counts champions.

VICSERV Change Leaders Co-Lab

Change Leaders Co-Lab will bring together Ageing, Disability and Mental Health consumer-citizen advocates, carers, system  change proponents and exemplary service providers committed to advancing consumer, citizen and community control and choice. Change Leaders Co-Lab is a component of the Victorian Collaborative Panel project Promoting the Exercise of Consumer Control and Choice

Change Leaders Co-Lab requires a commitment of seven full days over seven months beginning in February 2018. The two streams will meet four times each and come together three times as a whole group.

Call for papers – Aspect Autism in Education 2018 Shaping Successful FuturesConference

Closing date: March 29, 2018

The recent spotlight on the education of students on the spectrum in Australia has seen the development of a united voice and a shared common goal –  the provision of the best possible educational support to every student, no matter where they may be on the autism spectrum, and no matter their educational setting.  This conference aims to help achieve this goal and Shape Successful Futures for all students on the spectrum, by looking at the latest research, evidence-informed practice and listening to voices of our young people on the spectrum and their parents/carers.