Campaigns & Awards

Building Disability Leaders project

This project is targeting leaders with disabilities in rural or regional Victoria to develop their current leadership to the next level. You may apply for registration in their major online course,’Represent’

Do one thing for Autism Campaign

To build greater understanding of how autistic people can be better supported in the community, Amaze has launched a new campaign called Do One Thing For Autism. We’re asking people to take a 2 minute quiz to test their knowledge of autism and then pledge do one simple thing to make the world a little bit easier for autistic people everywhere.

Stronger Schools Petition

Schools are much more than just academic programs. They are places where children grow and places where young people start out in life. This pathway can be towards health, happiness and a lifetime of opportunity or it can be one towards disengagement and social exclusion. The Stronger Schools Campaign is calling for action to make sure every Victorian child has a fair start in life.

Democratising Disability Data Coalition – Register Now

A ‘Democratising Disability Data Coalition’ has been established to achieve safe and secure access to disability data and statistics to provide the evidence needed to optimise services and policy to facilitate better lives of Australians with disability, their families and carers.

Adult Change Rooms in Shopping Centres and Govt Buildings

There are people with disability who use continence products, and are unable to sit on a toilet. Providing a “disabled access” toilet just doesn’t cut it for some people. I have a right to use toilet facilities just like “normal” people.

Alternative Entry Scheme / Pathway for Aspiring Medical Students with Disabilities

Jerusha Mather is an enduring voice of equality for disabled students seeking access into courses where they are grossly underrepresented. Help Jerusha by signing her petition. Stand up for justice and equality and make a mark today by saying yes to increasing access and inclusion in Australian medical schools.

Boards and Committees Project

This initiative supports Victorians with disability applying to sit on Victorian government boards or committees by offering free coaching support to examine your application and resume.

Petition: School transparency stops discrimination against the rights of our special needs children

Call to redress some of the discrimination against children with special needs in our Victorian Schools.  It truly is horror story after horror story! The message of the hidden curriculum is that the special needs child has no value, that parents have nothing to offer to the formal education of their child, and that a home/school partnership is not valued. 

Make the NDIS work campaign

The Federal Election is fast approaching and our pollies have already started down the campaign trail. Ahead of the May election, we want to know just what our MPs are going to do to fix the NDIS. it’s your chance to share a question you want our MPs to answer about how they plan to fix the NDIS. We’ve already set up the interviews. There is no better time to make sure our politicians listen and take action to deliver us the NDIS we fought for.

Deliver the Promise – Let’s get the NDIS on track

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) promises a brighter future for thousands of Australians. But that promise is falling short. The way the NDIS is being delivered means it’s not yet working for everyone. If we don’t act now, disability service providers across the country face collapse. Without providers, the NDIS just won’t work. What we’re calling for…

2019 Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards

Taking the time to nominate someone shows that you’ve noticed their efforts, value their contribution and recognise their skills and efforts.

Nominations are accepted from all sectors, and across all forms of volunteering.