Brain Injury Matters (BIM)

Brain Injury Matters is a not-for-profit community managed organisation that works to make life better for people living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Brain Injury Matters has as its principal objective the relief of suffering and distress of people who have an Acquired Brain Injury by:

  • Providing support to alleviate the isolation and marginalisation experienced by so many people with ABI
  • Development of a support network to assist brain injury survivors to voice their grievances,
  • access the services they need
  • participate in peer support discussion groups with other people with an ABI
  • develop skills and self-confidence which will allow them to become active contributors and participants within their communities.

The secondary objects of the Association are to raise community awareness about the effects of ABI in order to generate community support for ABI survivors and empower people with ABI.

Type of Advocacy:
Self Advocacy & Campaign Groups

Area of operation:

Referral Priority:
Intellectual disability

Contact Details:

Ross House, 4th Floor, 247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne Vic 3000

9639 7222