Supporting people with cognitive disabilities to access supported decision making in contracts for goods and services

Yvette Maker,  Senior Research Associate, Melbourne Social Equity Institute (University of Melbourne) is part of the research team who has  been working with essential and basic service providers, people with cognitive disability, and their representative organisations to develop tools to promote the consumer rights of people with cognitive disability.

Yvette will provide an overview of the  research and how it was used to developed guidance for retailers to make their processes and communications more helpful and accessible when contracting for services and solving problems during the life of a contract for essential and basic services. These include phone and internet, electricity, gas and water, banking and insurance services. The guidance incorporates human rights considerations including accessible communication and information, support for decision-making, and anti-discrimination.

This webinar is part of the Advocacy Sector Conversations forum series. It’s happening online this time due to the social distancing measures brought on by the Corona virus. The sessions are spread across the week rather than a whole day of back to back sessions.

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Wed 29th Jul, 202011am - 12pmZoom webinar

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ASC forum

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Natasha Brake

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