Introduction to Circles of Support

This webinar is suited to those who want to know about Circles of Support in regard to people with an intellectual disability. The concepts are also relevant and applicable for other people who may be at risk of marginalisation, loneliness and exclusion.

The idea of an active support network is really an old idea in our society. For people with disabilities, Circles of Support is an idea and practice that has been around for over 25 years. It is not a service or program but rather a group of people who are intentionally invited to come together in friendship and support of a person with disability, for the purpose of achieving their goals and protecting their interests into the future. Circles of Support can enable: more people in the life of each individual who are not paid to be there, an increase in the number of new and positive roles that people hold, re-connection with family members, expanded social and economic opportunities, an important safeguard for the future and a better life.

In this introductory webinar, you will learn about:Some of the reasons for having a Circle of Support and possible purposes

  • The benefits of having a Circle of Support
  • What makes a successful Circle of Support
  • How to recruit, invite and support Circle members
  • Some of the possible limitations and how to overcome common areas of challenge, and
  • Real life examples of people who have a Circle of Support



Tue 14th Jul, 202010:15am Online via Zoom

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