Improving interactions and communication  with people with little or no speech

People with complex communication needs are often denied the right to make decisions about  things in their lives that affect them.  Just because a preference is expressed non-verbally doesn’t mean that communication isn’t happening. There are many ways to communicate other than speech and many ways we can support those who do not use speech to communicate.

Dr Sheridan Forster and Dr Meredith Prain are both speech pathologists and researchers with many ears’ experience working with people with complex and profound disabilities, including deafblindness.  Both are accredited Video Interaction Guidance practitioners through the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK , and both  have  used this approach to foster improved interactions and relationships between people with complex disabilities and the family members and staff who support them.


This webinar is part of the Advocacy Sector Conversations forum series. It’s happening online this time due to the social distancing measures brought on by the Corona virus. The sessions are spread across the week rather than a whole day of back to back sessions.

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Note: This session replaces ‘The Exceptionally Complex Support Needs Program’ that was cancelled due to contractual constraints.


Thu 30th Jul, 202011:00am - 12:00pmOnline

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ASC forum

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Natasha Brake

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