Human rights and equality laws for disability advocates

This course builds the skills of disability advocates in using human rights and equal opportunity laws to effect meaningful change. It develops understanding of rights, and confidence in using and applying the law to uphold these rights.

The course is delivered in 3 parts over 3 weeks and is limited to 15 people maximum. Applicants must participate in all 3 sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • understand the human rights principles that underlie the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • know how the Charter of Human Rights & Responsibilities Act (2006) works to protect the rights of people with disabilities in dealing with Victorian public authorities
  • identify the key protections provided by the Equal Opportunity Act (2010) in Victoria, particularly in service provision
  • apply their knowledge of the law as it relates to the 6 types of disability advocacy in employment and service provision
  • practice identifying appropriate mechanism to address and resolve human rights issues.

This course is suitable for disability advocates and people with lived experiences of disability discrimination who seek to develop advocacy skills to bring about individual and social change.

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Wed 1st Sep, 202110am - 12:30pmOnline
Wed 8th Sep, 202110am - 12:30pmOnline
Wed 15th Sep, 202110am - 12:30pmOnline

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Free for disability advocates

Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission


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