Homeshare: A More Personalised Accommodation Alternative

The current accommodation options for people with a disability and others with support needs is often limited to living in a group home with others who share the same diagnosis, rather than being based on a person’s qualities or choice. Community Connections, a not-for-profit organisation in Canberra, supports people with disabilities to promote and develop roles as valued, participating, and contributing members of society.

Homeshare aims to connect people with a disability, who live in their own home and could benefit from some in-house assistance and companionship, with people without a disability who are willing to provide that help in exchange for free rent or low rent accommodation. Homeshare is based on the principle of reciprocity – both people give something and both people get something from the relationship.

The Homeshare program commenced with funding support from the ACT Government but now operates in the new landscape of The NDIS. It has now matched 48 homeshare ‘couples’ in that time.

This presentation will introduce The Homeshare Program  as a concept to support people with a disability to live in their own home. It will also cover the following topics:

  • The importance of living in your own home.
  • Why live with a housemate?
  • What is the role of a housemate?
  • What are the expectations and commitments of housemates?
  • How do you find the right housemate?
  • What makes it work?
  • Agreements and supporting the relationship
  • How is it funded?
  • Community Connection’s role and the results since the program’s inception.
  • Sharing some stories from people who homeshare.

See attached Flyer for more information.

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Fri 12th May, 20179.30am- 3.30pmKnox City Civic Centre. Function Room 4, 511 Burwood Hwy

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